Success Tip                             l  The BRICS New Development Bank is headquar-
                                                                 tered at Shanghai
 The Indian Councils Act 1909, commonly known as
 the Morley-Minto Reforms (or as the Minto-Morley             l  Human Development Index is prepared by UNDP
 Reforms), was an Act of the Parliament of the United      Physics
 Kingdom that brought about a limited increase in
                                                              l  Flemings “Left Hand Rule” is associated with the
 the involvement of Indians in the governance
                                                                 effect of magnetic field on magnet
 of British India.
   l The slogan “Inquilab Zindabad” was coined by          Chemistry
      Bhagat Singh                                            l  The manufacturing of iron from iron ore involves
Physical Geography                                               the process of reduction
                                                              l  An emulsion is a colloidal solution of liquid in
   l  In a rainforest, the vegetation that grows under
      the shade of a canopy is known as understory
                                                              l  Sludge is a by-product of sewage treatment and
   l  “Great Barrier Reef”, the world’s largest coral reef
                                                                 can be decomposed to produce bio-gas
      is located in Australia
                      Success Tip                          Biology
 The Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland          l  Blood group was discovered by Landsteiner
 in north eastern Australia, is the largest living thing      l  Magnetic meridian is a plane passing through
 on Earth, and even visible from outer space. The                the magnetic north and magnetic south of the
 2,300km-long ecosystem comprises thousands of                   earth
 reefs and hundreds of islands made of over 600 types         l  Decoding and interpretation of visual informa-
 of hard and soft coral                                          tion in brain is associated with temporal lobe
                                                              l  The food in onion is stored in the form of cellu-
General Geography                                                lose
   l  The first protocol to ban the emission of chlorof-   Miscellaneous
      luorocarbons in the atmosphere was made in
                                                              l  Programmes that duplicates the functionality of
                                                                 one system on another system is known as emu-
                      Success Tip                                lators
 The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete             l  The term ‘roll-in’ is used in hockey
 the Ozone Layer (a protocol to the Vienna                    l  Uber Cup is associated with Badminton
 Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer) is
 an international treaty designed to protect the ozone      SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
 layer by phasing out the production of numerous
 substances that are responsible for ozone depletion.
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   l The busiest international sea port in India is        Ancient History
      Mumbai                                                  l  The school of Indian art which is also known as
   l A City of Iraq located on Tigris River is Baghdad           name of ‘Greco-Roman, Buddhist art’ is the
                      Success Tip                                Gandhara school
 The word Tigris is based on an “Old Persian” word            l  The Pallava King assumed the title of ‘Vatapikon-
 Tigra which means “fast” or “arrow-like.”                       da’ after defeating and slaying the great Chaluky-
                                                                 an King Pulekesin II was Narsingh Varman I
Polity and Constitution
   l  The Lok Sabha Secretariat comes under the di-
                                                           Modern History
      rect control of the Speaker of Lok Sabha                l  Keshab Chandra Sen was the founder of the In-
   l  The word “Secular” was added to the Preamble of            dian Reform Association in 1870
      the Constitution of India by the 42nd Constitu-                             Success Tip
      tional Amendments
                                                            The Indian Reform Association was formed on 29
                      Success Tip                           October 1870 with Keshub Chunder Sen as
 The 42nd Amendment changed the description                 president. It represented the secular side of
 of India from a “sovereign democratic republic” to a       the Brahmo Samaj and included many who did not
 “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic”,        belong to the Brahmo Samaj. The objective was to
 and also changed the words “unity of the nation” to        put into practice some of the ideas Sen was exposed
 “unity and integrity of the nation”                        to during his visit to Great Britain
Economy                                                    Physical Geography
   l  The rate at which RBI gives short term loan to          l  The land forms formed by wave erosion is cave
      commercial banks is called repo rate                    l  A drainage pattern where a river is joined by its
   l  The nationalisation of major commercial banks              tributaries approximately at right angles is trellis
      took place in 1969