method are methods of estimating national in-         across the historical northern borders of China to
      come                                                  protect the Chinese states and empires against the
   l  Prime Minister’s ‘Ujjwala Yojana’ is related to free  raids and invasions of the various nomadic groups
      distribution of LPG connections to socially back-     of the Eurasian Steppe
      ward classes                                            l The biggest building at Mohenjodaro is the Great
                       Success Tip                               Granary
 The Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana is a welfare            Medieval History
 program of the government of India. The stated
 objective of the program is providing 50,000,000 LPG         l  Mohammad Bin Tuglaq transferred his capital
 connections to women from families below the                    from Delhi to Devagiri
 poverty line. As of 8 November 2016, ten million LPG      Modern History
 connections had been completed
                                                              l  The first Indian to be elected as a member of the
Physics                                                          British House of commons was Dada Bhai Naoroji
   l  A galvanometer can be converted to a voltmeter                             Success Tip
      by connecting a high resistance in series             Dadabhai Naoroji was elected to the British House
   l  The frequency of direct current is zero               of Commons from the Finsbury Central Constituency
Chemistry                                                   in the elections of 1892 by a narrow margin of 3
                                                            votes by defeating Fredrick Thomas Penton
   l  The outer most layer of Sun is known as Corona
Biology                                                    Physical Geography
                                                              l  The most abundant element in the earth atmo-
   l  Bee sting contains an acidic liquid
                                                                 sphere is nitrogen
   l  The xylem in plants are responsible for transport
      of water                                                                   Success Tip
   l Project ‘Sankalp’ started for the purpose to elim-     The atmosphere is composed of ~78% nitrogen and
      inate AIDS/HIV                                        ~21%oxygen, with small amounts of other gases. The
   l Agrobacterium tumefaciens causes crown gall            bulk composition of the earth by weight is mostly,
      disease in plants                                     iron, oxygen, silicon and magnesium, in that order,
                       Success Tip                          with all the other elements making up only about
 Agrobacterium tumefaciens (updated scientific name         5% of the earth’s weight
 Rhizobium radiobacter, synonym Agrobacterium                 l Winds blowing constantly in one direction in
 radiobacter) is the causal agent of crown gall                  rocky deserts from yardangs
 disease (the formation of tumours) in over 140               l The name of the deadly volcano in Indonesia that
 species of eudicots. It is a rod-shaped, Gram-negative          erupted again in May 2016 is Mount Singabung
 soil bacterium.                                              l A stretch of sea water, partly or fully separated by a
                                                                 narrow strip from the main sea is called lagoon
   l Eustachian Tube is located in ear
   l Cerebellum part of the brain plays an important       General Geography
      role in motor control                                   l  The world’s largest and deepest rail tunnel
                                                                 Gotthard Base Tunnel is located in Switzerland
                                                              l  The Wheeler Island has been renamed as Abdul
   l  Golden Panda Award is the world’s top environ-             Kalam Island
      mental conservation award                               l  Bhakra Nangal Project is constructed across Sut-
   l  QoS traffic scheduling service is used to handle           lej River
      traffic with different priorities
   l  The country which has the largest internet users
                                                           Polity and Constitution
      is China                                                l  Indian Citizenship is granted by the Ministry of
                                                                 Home Affairs
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
                    Tier-1 Exam
                                                              l  The innovation theory of profit was proposed by
     Held on: 04.09.2016 (2nd Shift)                             Schumpeter
                                                                                 Success Tip
Ancient History
                                                            Innovation theory of profit posits that the main
   l  The great wall of China was constructed during        function of an entrepreneur is to introduce
      the Reign of Chin dynasty                             innovations and the profit in the form of reward is
                       Success Tip                          given for his performance.
 The Great Wall of China is a series of fortifications        l Beginning from the financial year 2017-18 NITI
 made of stone, brick, tamped earth, wood, and other             Ayog plans to replace the 5 year plans with 15
 materials, generally built along an east-to-west line           Year Vision Document