Success Tip                            l   Shiv Thapa, Manoj Kumar and Vikas Krishna
                                                                  were among the members of boxing team at Rio
 In 1913, Pacific Coast Hindustan Association was                 Olympics
 founded by Lala Hardayal with Sohan Singh Bhakna             l   The five permanent members of the UN security
 as its president, which was called Ghadar Party.                 council are China, France, Russia, UK and USA
Physical Geography                                            l   Correctly Paired
                                                                  Sania Mirza                 Tennis
   l  A broad, low embankment built up along the                  Saina Nehwal                Badminton
      banks of a river channel during flood is called             Jhoolan Goswami             Cricket
      levee                                                       Jeeve Milkha Singh          Golf
   l  The tides in the sea are primarily due to the grav-
      itational effect of the moon on the earth
   l   Valley deepening takes place during the youth-
                                                            SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
      ful stage of a river                                                      Tier-1 Exam
General Geography                                                Held on: 03.09.2016 (3rd Shift)
   l  The impact of Green Revolution was felt most in
      the case of wheat                                    Ancient History
                                                              l   Charaka was the court physician of Kanishk
Polity and Constitution
                                                              l   The veda which deals with the rituals is known
   l  The term of office of Governor is 5 years                   as Yajurveda
   l  President of India can be removed from his office
      by Parliament
                                                           Modern History
                                                              l   During Viceroyalty of Lord Harding, the capital
Economy                                                           of India was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi
   l  Heavy industries was not recognised by Mahat-                               Success Tip
      ma Gandhi
   l  As per the 2016-17 Budget, the largest source of      On 12 December 1911, during the Delhi Durbar,
      money to the Government of India is borrowings        George V, then Emperor of India, along with Queen
      and other liabilities                                 Mary, his Consort, made the announcement that
   l  According to Malthusian theory of population,         the capital of the Raj was to be shifted from Calcutta
      population increases in geometric ratio, food         to Delhi, while laying the foundation stone for the
      supply increases in arithmetic ratio                  Viceroy’s residence in the Coronation Park, Kingsway
   l  Bank rate is a rate at which central bank of a coun-  Camp.
      try advances loans to other banks in the country     Physical Geography
   l  Tax system that will help to reduce economic
                                                              l   Highest percentage of carbon is found
      inequalities in India is Progressive Tax
                                                                  in Anthracite form of coal
Physics                                                                           Success Tip
   l  Transformer is a device to convert low voltage        Anthracite coal is the hottest burning fuel in
      A.C. into high voltage A.C.                           comparison to the most common ones in use. Due
   l  The weight of an object is maximum on the poles       to its low sulphur content, Anthracite coal produces
      of the earth                                          virtually no smoke or particulate emissions
   l  Quality of a musical instrument is depends on
                                                              l Ring of Fire is found commonly in Pacific Ocean
      harmonic present
Biology                                                    General Geography
   l  The hormone that stimulates heart beat is thy-          l   The region which is a water divide between the
      roxine                                                      Ganga and Indus river systems is Ambala
   l  The presence of air bubble in blood stream is           l   ‘Agronomy’ is the practice of raising Plants and
      dangerous to life because the flow of blood is ob-          Animals
      structed                                             Polity and Constitution
   l  The study of relation of animals and plants to
      their surroundings is called ecology                    l   Subordinate courts are supervised by High Court
   l  Chloroplast plays an important role in photo-           l   Amaravati is the new capital of Seemaandhra
      synthesis                                               l   If the name of a tribe has to be excluded from the
   l  At pupa stage in its life cycle, the silkworm yield         list of Scheduled Tribe, Parliament has the power
      the fibre of commercial use                                 for such exclusion
Miscellaneous                                              Economy
   l  Cloud Computing is a type of computing that             l   Karnataka Government has recently abolished
      performs computation, storage and even appli-               “agriculture income tax”
      cations as a service across a network                   l   Expenditure method, output method and income