Economy                                                  Economy
  l Right to private property, existence of competi-       l  When the demand for a good increases with an
    tion and freedom of choice to consumers are fea-          increase in income, such a good is called superi-
    tures of a capitalist economy                             or good
                                                           l  The demand of a commodity is a direct demand
Physics                                                       but the demand of a factor of production is called
  l Sun appears red in colour at sunrise and sunset           a derived demand
    due to all other colours scatter away except red       l  Depreciation is loss in value of machinery
  l At hill stations, the boiling point of water will be   l  Industry which produces the most solid waste is
    less than that at sea level                               manufacturing
  l Dakshin Gangotri is unmanned station located           l  The Kaushal Kendra (skilling center) under the
    in Antarctica                                             Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana has been inaugu-
Chemistry                                                     rated in the city of Noida
  l Gold is the heaviest metal among gold, silver,       Physics
    iron and copper                                        l   Reverse Osmosis is the treatment of water pol-
  l N2O is used as anesthetics                                lution
                                                           l  When we see an object, the image formed on the
Biology                                                       retina is real and inverted
  l Worm uses the spawn mechanism to duplicate             l  Kinetic energy depends on both mass and veloc-
    itself                                                    ity of the moving body
  l The main purpose of white blood corpuscles is to       l  Kinetic energy is the supplied heat energy stored
    combat infection                                          during change in temperature of substance
  l Siderosis is a disease caused by the inhalation      Chemistry
    of iron dust
  l Clove is obtained from flower buds                     l  Potassium Permanganate is used for purifying
                                                              drinking water, because It is an oxidising agent
Miscellaneous                                              l  Spraying of DDT on crops causes pollution of
  l Sunita Williams is a astronaut                            Soil & Water
  l The writer of the famous book ‘Kabuliwala’ is          l  Atoms of same element having different mass
    Ravindra Nath Tagore                                      numbers are called Isotopes
  l The term ‘bully’ is connected with Hockey            Biology
  l Sushil Kumar has been the recipient of the Rajiv
    Gandhi Khel Ratna Award                                l  Cells in pancreas which produce Insulin is Islets
                                                              of Langerhans
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                       Miscellaneous
             Tier-1 (CBE) Exam                             l  C++ is odd one among Linux, Windows 98, C++
    Held on: 02.09.2016 (3rd Shift)                           and Windows 7
                                                           l Japanese is not the official language of the UNO
Ancient History                                                                 Success Tip
  l Script used in Ashoka’s inscriptions was Brahmi       There are six official languages of the UN. These are
Medieval History                                          Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish
  l The Mehrauli Pillar in the complex of Qutub Mi-        l With the participation in the Rio Olympics Le-
    nar is primarily famous for excellent quality steel       ander Paes has become the first tennis player in
                                                              the world to have 7 appearances in Olympics
Modern History                                             l Rings there in the Olympic flag are 5
  l The ideas of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity,         l Indian Army’s School of Artillery is located at Deolali
    which influenced the Indian National Movement,
    was taken from French revolution                      SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
General Geography                                                          (Tier-1) EXAM
  l The most important raw material for generation           Held on: 03.09.2016 (2nd Shift)
    of power in India is coal
  l Harvesting season of Kharif crop in India is Sep-    Ancient History
    tember-October                                         l  Aryabhatta and Kalidasa were in the court of
Polity and Constitution                                       Chandra Gupta II
  l Chief Ministers of States are members of National    Modern History
    Development Council                                    l  Lala Hardayal, Mohammad Barkatullah and So-
  l The Comptroller and Auditor General is closely            han Singh Bhakna was associated with Gadar
    connected with the Public Accounts Committee              party