un-Islamic practices which had crept into Muslim         Miscellaneous
 society through the ages. It offered the most serious
                                                             l Jalikattu is associated with the festival Pongal
 and well-planned challenge to British supremacy in
 India from 1830’s to 1860’s                                 l Aung San Su Kyi is the Foreign Minister of My-
Physical Geography                                           l In IT, the method for updating the main memory
   l  Eris is a dwarf planet                                   as soon as a word is removed from the cache is
   l  Solar Energy, Wind Energy and Tidal Power is             called write-back
      called the conventional source of energy               l The space shuttle which took Sunita Williams
                                                               beyond earth was Discovery
General Geography
   l  The Andaman is separated from Nicobar by 10
                                                           SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
      degree Chanel                                                     Tier-1 (CBE) Exam
   l  Kolkata is also known as ‘City of Palaces’               Held on: 01.09.2016 (3rd Shift)
   l  The Ghatampur thermal power plant recently
      approved by the cabinet is to be setup in Uttar     Ancient History
      Pradesh                                                l Ajanta Caves do not depict the techniques used
                       Success Tip                             in Ancient India
 Ghatampur Thermal Power Station is an upcoming           Medieval History
 coal-based thermal power plant located in                   l The first Englishman to appear in the Mughal
 Ghatampur in Kanpur district, Uttar Pradesh.                  Court during Jahangir’s reign was Captain Will-
 The power plant is owned by the Neyveli Uttar                 iam Hawkins
 Pradesh Power Limited a joint venture between
 Neyveli Lignite Corporation (51%) and Uttar Pradesh                           Success Tip
 Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam (49%)                          Sir William Hawkins was a representative of the
                                                           English East India Company notable for being the
Polity and Constitution                                    commander of Hector, the first company ship to
   l  The member of Rajya Sabha are elected by Elect-      anchor at Surat in India in 1608. Hawkins travelled
      ed members of the Legislative Assembly               to Agra to negotiate consent for a factory from
                                                           Emperor Jahangir in 1609.
   l  Special Drawing Rights were created by IMF          Modern History
   l  India’s first green rail corridor was recently         l Gandhiji’s ‘Satyagraha’ meant an attachment to
      launched in Tamil Nadu                                   truth and non-violence
   l  The amount of insurance cover provided by Indi-        l The founder of Arya Samaj was Dayanand Sa-
      an Railways for passengers at a premium of Rs 1          raswati
      is 10 lakh                                               Success Tip: It was founded on 7 April, 1875
   l  The concept of joint sector implies cooperation be-
      tween public sector and private sector industries   Physical Geography
   l  Selling cost have to be incurred in case of mo-        l The layer where the decrease in temperature with
      nopolistic competition                                   increasing altitude is totally absent is Strato-
Physics                                                        sphere
                                                             l The term “Doab” means a land between two rivers
   l  Process responsible for the glittering of air bub-     l Japan is called the ‘Land of the rising sun’ be-
      ble rising through water is total internal reflec-       cause Japan being the Eastern most country in
      tion of light                                            the world, it has the earliest sunrise
   l  In an optical fibre the signal is transmitted due
      to total internal reflection                        General Geography
Chemistry                                                    l ‘Density of Population’ means number of persons
                                                               live per square kilometer
   l  In arc welding, Argon is used because of its low       l The’ Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal’ was con-
      reactivity with the metal                                stituted to resolve the water sharing between
   l  Inert gases are chemically un-reactive                   Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya
   l  Chemical name of vinegar is acetic acid                  Pradesh
   l  Causes of mottling of the dental enamel is high        l The Indian National Rail Museum is situated in
      levels of fluorides in the water                         Delhi
Biology                                                   Polity and Constitution
   l  The suicidal bags of the cell are lysosomes            l The President can assign any of the functions of
   l   Haberlandt is credit with starting the work on          the Union Government to the State Government
      plant tissue culture                                     in consultation with the Government of the State