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                     SSC CGL GENERAL AWARENESS Pointers
Miscellaneous                                            General Geography
   l  Anil Kumble has been appointed as the new coach       l  Sri Lanka is separated from India by a narrow
      of the Indian Cricket Team by the BCCI                   channel of sea formed by the Palk Strait and Gulf
   l  Mission Indradhanush, a programme introduced             of Mannar
      in the country by the NDA Government is relat-        l  The Western and Eastern Ghats meet in the Nil-
      ed to systematic immunization of children                giri hills
      against disease                                       l  The natural habitat of rhinoceros in India is
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                                                            l  Ozone saves the biosphere by absorbing high
 It aims to immunize all children under the age of 2           energy radiations called ultraviolet rays (UV)
 years, as well as all pregnant women, against seven
 vaccine preventable diseases. The diseases being        Polity and Constitution
 targeted are diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus,          l  Right to Constitutional Remedies comes under
 poliomyelitis, tuberculosis, measles and Hepatitis            Fundamental Right
 B. In addition to these, vaccines for Japanese
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 Encephalitis and Haem-ophilus influenzae type B
 are also being provided in selected states.              Right to constitutional remedies [Article 32 to 35]
                                                          empowers the citizens to move a court of law in case
   l Satyajit Ray has been honoured by a special Os-
                                                          of any denial of the fundamental rights
                                                            l The Comptroller and Auditor General of India
   l Polymeric virus changes each time it is installed
      to avoid detection by antivirus software                 submits his report relating to the accounts of
   l The book, ‘Playing it my way’ has been authored           the union to the President
      by Sachin Tendulakar                               Economy
   l OPEC is an example of cartel
                                                            l  ‘Residex’ is associated with land prices
                      Success Tip                           l  Rashtriya Mahila Kosh meets the credit needs of
 Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries             the poor women
 is an intergovernmental organization of 13 nations,
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 founded in 1960 in Baghdad by the first five members
 (Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela), and       Rashtriya Mahila Kosh was established in 1993. It
 headquartered since 1965 in Vienna                       extends micro-credit to poor and underprivileged
                                                          women through a collateral-free, quasi-formal
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                        delivery mechanism where NGOs, women co-
                                                          operatives, federations etc. act as intermediaries.
                   (Tier-1) Exam
     Held on: 30.08.2016 (2nd Shift)                     Physics
                                                            l  Binary Number System, Decimal Number System
Ancient History                                                and BCD Number System are weighted code
   l  The first Buddhist Council was held at Rajagriha      l  In the absence of the earth’s atmosphere, sky
                                                               would appear black
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 The first Buddhist Council was held soon after the      Chemistry
 death of the Buddha, dated by the majority of recent       l  Silver gets corroded due to presence of hydrogen
 scholars around 400 BCE, under the patronage of               sulphide in air
 king Ajatashatru with the monk Mahakasyapa                 l  Uranium is a radioactive element
 presiding, at Sattapanni caves Rajgriha (now Rajgir).      l  Silica gel is a drying agent
 Its objective was to preserve the Buddha’s sayings         l  Bio fertilizers convert nitrogen to ammonia
 (suttas) and the monastic discipline or rules (Vinaya). Biology
 The Suttas were recited by Ananda, and the Vinaya
 was recited by Upali                                       l  Digestive organ that contains acid is stomach
   l The founder of the Satvahana Empire was Simuka         l  Silk is considered as the strongest natural fibre
                                                            l  Purpose of an optical filter is to transmit or ab-
Modern History                                                 sorb light of different colours
   l  The first women President of Indian National
      Congress was Annie Besant
   l Indian National Congress split for the first time      l  Birju Maharaj is a well known exponent of Kathak
      in its session at Surat                               l  Superfast train has AC coach having Braille sig-
                      Success Tip                              nals is Purushottam Express
 The 1907 Surat session was held at the bank of the         l  Shiva Thapa is associated with Boxing
 Tapti River in Surat                                       l  The country recently voted to leave the Europe-
                                                               an Union is United Kingdom