Polity and Constitution                                     l  Title, given by the British Government to Ma-
                                                               hatma Gandhi, was surrendered during the non-
   l The President convene and prorogue all sessions of
                                                               cooperation movement was Kaiser-e-Hind
     Parliament In consultation of the Prime Minister
                                                                                Success Tip
                                                          Kaisar-I-Hind (meaning-Emperor of India) is the title
   l The maximum number of days of employment a           awarded to Mahatma Gandhi by The British
     rural poor would get under ‘MGNREGA’ 100 days        Government for helping the British in World War-I
   l Scheduled bank is a bank which is Included in        (India helped the British).
     the second schedule of RBI                             l The immediate cause of the Mutiny of 1857 was
   l Gujarat has launched the Smart Village Prog-              the use of greased cartridges in the new Enfield
     ramme, to improve public facilities in village            Rifle
   l Securities issued by the Government are gilt-
     edged securities                                                           Success Tip
Physics                                                   It sparked off a great demonstration of unity amongst
                                                          Hindus and Muslims. Patriots hailed the revolt as
   l The instrument used for measuring air pressure       the ‘First War of independence’ whereas the Company
     is called Barometer                                  reported it as the ‘Sepoy Mutiny’
   l Intensity of any wave is proportional to square        l The “Doctrine of Lapse” to expand British terri-
     of amplitude                                              tories in India was introduced by Lord Dalhousie
Chemistry                                                Physical Geography
   l When iron rusts, its weight increases                  l  Global warming is expected to result in increase
Biology                                                        in sea level, change in crop pattern and change
                                                               in coastal line
   l Gustation refers to the sense of taste
   l Tuberculosis is commonly known as ‘white plague’    General Geography
Miscellaneous                                               l  Brahmaputra, Indus & Sutlej rivers have their
                                                               source of origin in Tibet
   l Router is used in network layer
                                                            l  The most ideal region for the cultivation of cot-
   l Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte emerged winner in 2016
                                                               ton in India is the Deccan Plateau
     presidential elections of The Philippines
   l Sadiq Khan of British Labour Party was recently     Polity and Constitution
     elected the first Muslim Mayor of London               l  A case brought by anyone to court involving public
   l ‘Lady Ratan Tata Trophy’ is related to Hockey             interest is known as “Public Interest Litigation”
   l Pankaj Advani is associated with Billiards                Fact: Public interest litigation, or PIL, is defined
                                                               as the use of litigation, or legal action, which
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                             seeks to advance the cause of minority or disad-
              Tier-1 (CBE) Exam                                vantaged groups or individuals, or which raises
     Held on: 28.08.2016 (1st Shift)                           issues of broad public concern. It is a way of us-
                                                               ing the law strategically to effect social change
Ancient History                                             l  The President of India appoints and dismisses
                                                               the gazetted officials of the Union Government
   l Ajant, Ellora Caves are situated near Auran-ga-
     bad                                                    l  Name of US Parliament is Congress
                     Success Tip                         Economy
 The Ajanta      Caves in Aurangabad           dis-trict    l  Excise duty is levied on production of goods
 of Maharashtra are about 30 rock-cut Buddhist cave            Fact: An excise duty or excise tax is an inland
 monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to              tax on the sale, or production for sale, of specific
 about 480 or 650 CE. Ellora is one of the largest rock-       goods or a tax on a good produced for sale, or
 cut monastery-temple caves complexes in the world,            sold, within a country or licenses for specific ac-
 and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Maharashtra               tivities
Modern History                                              l  Golden Revolution in India refers to growth of
                                                               Overall Horticulture, Honey and Fruit Produc-
   l Subhash Chandra Bose referred to Mahatma                  tion
     Gandhi as “Father of the Nation” for the first
                                                            l  The industry having the largest investment in
     time                                                      Indian Economy is steel
                     Success Tip
 It was during seeking Gandhi’s blessings before
 formally declaring the provincial Indian government        l  Water is used in a hot water bag because it has
 and issuing orders to march to Delhi.                         high specific heat