someone better -off without making someone         Physics
    worse-off, then the situation is Pareto-superior
                                                         l The absolute zero is a temperature at which mo-
Physics                                                    lecular motion in a gas would cease
  l Addition of suitable impurities into semiconduc-   Chemistry
    tor, is called Doping
                                                         l At low temperature, lead behaves as a super con-
Chemistry                                                  ductor
  l Besides CO2, the other green house gas is CH4        l Starch is a natural polymer
                                                         l Sulphur shows allotropy in the liquid state
  l Arsenic problem in India is primarily due to over-
                                                         l Nitrogenous fertilizers are ammonium sulphate,
    exploitation of ground water in the affected areas
                                                           Urea and ammonium nitrate
Biology                                                Biology
  l Meibomian glands are located in eye                  l Honey that has high concentration of sugar does
  l Vit. B & Vit. C are water soluble                      not decay because bacteria cannot survive in an
Miscellaneous                                              active state in a solution of high osmotic strength
                                                           as water is drawn out
  l In IT, associative memory is called as content       l Platypus is a mammal that lay eggs
    addressable memory                                   l ‘Ebola’ stands for a viral disease outbreak in West
  l Ebraham Alkazi is an eminent personality in the        Africa
    area of Theatre                                      l The virus of AIDS affects the growth of T cells in
  l Skoda, which launched sedan ‘Rapid’, is an au-         the blood
    tomobile manufacturer based in Czech Republic
  l Sattriya is a classical dance form of Assam        Miscellaneous
  l P. V. Sindhu defeated Wang Yihan to enter the        l In networks, a small message used to pass be-
    semi final of womens’ singles of badminton at          tween one station to another is known as Token
    the Rio Olympics. Wang Yihan belongs to China        l Pt. Bhimsen Joshi is associated with Classical
  l Men’s Singles Wimbledon Championship 2016,             Music
    is bagged by Andy Murray                             l Security Council of the UN comprises of 10 non-
                                                           permanent members and their tenure is 2 years
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                       l Ragini is a popular form of folk songs belonging
             Tier-1 (CBE) Exam                             to the state of Haryana
   Held on: 06.09.2016 (1st Sitting)                     l Deepika kumara is associated with Archery
Ancient History                                         SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
  l The city of Vijayanagar is also known as Hampi                  Tier-1 (CBE) Exam
  l Tripitakas’ are sacred books of Buddhists             Held on: 07.09.2016 (1st Sitting)
Medieval History                                       Ancient History
  l Muhammad Bin Tughlakq of Tughlak Dynasty             l The name of the book written by Panini is Ash-
    issued copper coins instead of silver coins            tad-hyayi
  l Akbar’s tomb is located at Sikandara                 l Kaivalya is associated with Jainism
General Geography                                      Medieval History
  l Ganga – Brahmaputra Valley region is most prone      l The Sayyids dynasty was started by Khizr Khan
    to earthquakes
  l India-Pakistan border is known as Redcliff line
                                                       Physical Geography
                                                         l Black soil is also known as Regur soil
Polity and Constitution                                  l The large collection of stars, dust and gas held
  l Indian Constitution can be amended according           together by gravitational attraction between com-
    to the procedure laid down in the Article 368          ponents is known as Galaxy
  l The Vice President of NITI Aayog is Dr. Arvind       l Thermal electricity is generated by using Coal,
    Panagariya                                             Natural Gas and Petroleum
                                                           The driest location on Earth is in Chile
Economy                                                  l
                                                         l Hygrometer is used for measuring humidity of
  l Golden Hand Shakes scheme is the name of the           atmosphere
    Voluntary Retirement Scheme
  l If a country devalues its currency then its ex-
                                                       General Geography
    ports become cheaper                                 l NTPC is a Central Public Sector Enterprise
  l Sectoral distribution of GDP index measures eco-       in Power
    nomic development of a country                       l Bauxite is used as raw material by Aluminium