l Pranva Dhanawade is the first cricketer to score    l The oxygen liberated during photosynthesis
    1000 runs in an Innings                               comes from water
  l Turkey announces the imposition of a three          l The term ‘Higgs Boson’ is associated with God
    month state emergency after failed coup               Particle
  l Beighton cup is related to hockey
  l Synagogue is the place of worship of Judaism      Biology
  l Bihu is post- harvest folk dance in Assam           l The waste management technique that involves
  l The UNIX operating system is suitable for multi       the use of micro-organisms to remove or neu-
    user                                                  tralize pollutants from contaminated site is called
                                                          bio remediation
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
             Tier-1 (CBE) Exam
                                                        l In IT networking, repeater is used in physical layer
   Held on: 03.09.2016 (1st Sitting)                    l Bridge is the technique used in Wrestling
Medieval History                                        l Das Capital is called the ‘Bible of Socialism’
                                                        l North Korea recently detonated its first hydro-
  l Vincent Smith has called Akbar’s Din-i-Ilahi as       gen bomb
    a monument of his folly, not of wisdom              l 1st Indian female amputee to climb Mount Ever-
Modern History                                            est Arunima Sinha
  l W.C. Banerjee presided over the first session of   SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
    the Indian National Congress
  l Forward Block was founded by Subhash Chan-
                                                                   Tier-1 (CBE) Exam
    dra Bose                                             Held on: 04.09.2016 (1st Sitting)
Physical Geography                                    Ancient History
  l The purest form of water in nature is rain water    l The word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ have been derived
  l The source of energy that causes the least global     from Mundaka Upanishad
    warming is geothermal energy                      Modern History
  l The constellation ‘Sapta Rishi’ is known to West-
    erners as the Big Dipper                            l Indian Opinion was edited by Gandhiji in South
General Geography                                       l General Dyer, who was responsible for Jallianwalan
  l Western Ghats in India is now regarded as an          Bagh massacre, was shot dead by Udham Singh
    “Ecological Hot Spot”                             Physical Geography
  l Norman Borlaug is known as the ‘Father of Green
    Revolution’ in India                                l When Granite rocks get metamorphosed, they
  l First national park of India that was established     form Gneiss
    in 1936 was named as Hailey National Park           l Kyoto Protocol is associated with Climate change
Polity and Constitution                                 l Green House Effect’ means trapping of solar en-
                                                          ergy due to atmospheric gases
  l The Speaker of Lok Sabha addresses his letter of
    resignation to the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha    General Geography
Economy                                                 l Natural gas is a commercial source of energy
                                                        l In Kochi, India’s first water metro project was
  l MUDRA Bank has been launched to help small            recently launches
  l IRDA controls the insurance business of India     Polity and Constitution
  l The Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojna (SJS-       l The power of the Supreme Court of India to de-
    RY) mainly aims at creating employment oppor-         cide disputes between the Centre and the States
    tunities for both self employment and wage em-        falls under its original jurisdiction
    ployment in urban areas                             l If a budget is defeated in the legislature of a state
Physics                                                   then the council of Ministers along with the Chief
                                                          Minister has to resign
  l The Beaufort scale is used to measure wind ve-
    locity                                            Economy
  l The component used for tuning a radio is basi-      l National Income of India is compiled by Central
    cally a variable condenser                            Statistical Organization
  l 0°K is equivalent to -273°C                         l Backward bending supply curve belongs to labour
Chemistry                                                 market
                                                        l India’s first Post Office ATM opened In Chennai
  l Aluminium is not a donor atom                       l In terms of economics, if it is possible to make