l At the Rio Olympics, Abhinav Bindra was the
 SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)                          flag bearer of the Indian contingent
              Tier-1 (CBE) Exam                           l The famous writer and social activist Mahaswe-
                                                            ta Devi, who passed away recently, won Sahity
   Held on: 02.09.2016 (1st Sitting)                        Akademi Award, Jnanpith Award and Magsaysay
Medieval History                                          l In computer processing, Job Scheduler selects
  l Guru Ram Das had laid the foundation of Am-             processes from the pool and loads them into
    ritsar                                                  memory for execution
                                                            Pranav Dhanawade is the first cricketer to score
Physical Geography                                        l
                                                            1000 runs in an innings in any competitive match
  l The Himalayas is the example of Fold moun-            l Beighton Cup is associated with Hockey
  l Even after sunset, the air near the Earth’s sur-     SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
    face continue to receive heat due to terrestrial
                                                                     Tier-1 (CBE) Exam
  l A landscape which is caused due to the fissure in     Held on: 02.09.2016 (2nd Sitting)
    the earth along which one side has moved down
    with reference to the other is known as rift Valley Physical Geography
General Geography                                         l The sideways erosion which widens the river val-
                                                            ley is called Lateral Corrosion
  l Coimbatore is said to be the Manchester of South      l Summer rains in Australia broadly decreases from
    India                                                   north to south
  l The beach sands of Kerala are rich in Thorium
                                                          l The sink hole is phenomenon of Karst
  l India’s first Railway University will come up at
    Vadodara, Gujarat                                   General Geography
  l The largest irrigation canal in India is Indira       l Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South
    Gandhi canal                                            India
  l One of the leading producers of asbestos in the       l Indira Gandhi Canal is the largest irrigation plant
    world is Russia                                         in India
Polity and Constitution                                   l The soil of Kerala is rich in Alluvial soil
  l Secular word was added to the Preamble in the         l Asbestos is found maximum in Russia.
    42nd Constitutional Amendment 1976                    l Sun temple is situated in Odisha
                                                          l The civilian airport of highest altitude is in Tibet
  l In a cut motion, when the amount of demand is
                                                          l The blue revolution is related with fish produc-
    reduced by Rs 100/- , it is known as Token cut
Economy                                                 Polity and Constitution
  l If Reserve Bank of India reduces the cash reserve     l The Constitution allows re-election of a person
    ratio, it will increase credit creation                 to the President
Physics                                                 Economy
  l A galvanometer can be converted into a voltme-        l Demand will become a grant after the demand is
    ter by connecting with it a high resistance on          granted
  l During Idle running of an automobile, carbon        Chemistry
    monoxide content in exhaust gas is maximum            l Conversion of ammonia to nitrites is known as
  l An eudiometer measures volume of gases                  nitrification
Chemistry                                               Biology
  l Trinitrotoluene is used as an explosive               l The growth of bacteria is measured by Spectro-
Biology                                                     photometer
                                                          l Smooth muscles are likely to be found in stom-
  l The largest artery in human body is aorta
  l Nitrification is the biological process of convert-   l The branch of biology which deals with extinct
    ing Ammonia into nitrite                                organisms is called Palaeontology
Miscellaneous                                             l The least distance of distinct vision is 25cm
                                                          l The substance of photorespiration is Glycolate
  l India Gate is known as “The National Monument
    of India”                                           Miscellaneous
  l Turkey has recently declared 3 month emergency        l Abhinav Bindra was the flag bearer of India at
    following a failed military coup                        the Rio Olympics 2016