General Geography                                         SSC Combined Graduate Level (CGL)
  l Rann Of Kutch of India is famous for tidal and                    Tier-1 (CBE) EXAM
  l Azolla increases soil fertility for rice cultivation   Held on: 29.08.2016 (2nd Sitting)
    Great Barrier Reef is located in the Pacific Ocean
                                                         Medieval History
Polity and Constitution                                    l The foreign traveller who visited India during the
  l Damodar Valley Corporation is a Statutory body           reign of Shahjahan was Manucci
  l Meera Kumar was the first women speaker of             l The ‘Blue Water Policy’ was introduced by the
    Lok Sabha                                                Portugese leader Franscisco-de-Almeida
  l Planning Commission is not provided in the con-
    stitution                                            Modern History
Economy                                                    l Raja Rammohan Roy is generally considered to
  l Commercial banks lend to priority sectors like           be the father of the Indian Renaissance
    agriculture and Small scale industries               Physical Geography
  l The accounting year of the Reserve Bank of In-
    dia is July-June                                       l Western disturbances causes rainfall during win-
                                                             ters in the north-western part of India
  l The phenomenon which established the trans-          General Geography
    verse nature of light is Polarisation                  l Kerala has the lowest birth rate in India among
  l Rectifier is used to convert alternating current         Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar and West Bengal
    into direct current
                                                           l The outermost range of Himalays is called Shi-
  l Ice covered in sawdust not melt quickly because
    sawdust is a bad conductor of heat
                                                           l The longest river of peninsular India is Godavari
                                                           l The correct description of the term sex-ratio as
  l The biogas used for cooking is a mixture of meth-        used in the context of the census of population
    ane & carbon dioxide                                     is number of females per 1000 males
Biology                                                    l The atomic power station in Rajasthan is situ-
  l Magnesium is contained in Chlorophyll                    ated at Rawatbhata
  l Carbon Monoxide is a pollutant because it re-        Polity and Constitution
    acts with haemoglobin
                                                           l Right to Privacy comes under Article 21
  l Memory buffer used to accommodate a speed
    differential is Cache                                  l The GST (Goods and Services Tax), recently
  l Epigraphy is the study of Inscriptions                   passed by Government will be levied on Tobacco
  l Serena Williams won the Women’s Singles Wim-             among Petroleum Crude, Tobacco, Natural Gas
    bledon Championship 2016                                 and Aviation Turbine Fuel
  l B.C. Roy Award given in the field of Medicine          l The second Green Revolution aims at increasing
  l Param Vir Chakra is the highest gallantry                agricultural output to promote Inclusive growth
    Award in India
  l Bidhya Devi Bhandari recently appointed as the       Physics
    first woman president of Nepal                         l The washing machine works on the principle of
  l Pulitzer Prize awarded for outstanding work in
    the field of Literature and Journalism
                                                           l Carbon gives hardness to stainless steel
                                                           l Zinc sulphate, Potassium sulphate and Sodium

                                                             sulphate are soluble in water

                                                           l Activated Charcoal is used to remove colouring

                                                             matter from pure substances by Adsorption

                                  l Chernobyl disaster is the result of pollution by
      :                                   radioactive waste
                                     l Thorium caused radioactive pollution along the
                                                             coast of Kerala