l  The Political Guru of Mahatma Gandhi was             l   A teacher teaching his own son is not an eco-
      Gopal Krishna Gokhale                                    nomic activity
                                                               Indian economy is an example of a mixed econ-
Physical Geography                                         l
                                                               omy because private sector coexists with pub-
   l  Meanders are the features formed by rivers               lic sector enterprises
                      Success Tip                       Physics
 The meanders or meandering rivers are the low slope
                                                           l   Sound is heard over longer distances on rainy
 rivers which are not choked with the sediment and             days because sound travels faster in moist air
 move back and forth in a zigzag order of loops. The
 meander has thus a serpentine path and it helps in                            Success Tip
 accommodating in extra volume of water.                 The speed of sound in a medium is inversely
   l If 20% or more area of the country suffers from     proportional to the square root of its density.
      rain deficits during monsoon season, it is termed  Therefore, the speed of sound in moist air is more
      as drought year                                    than that in dry air
   l Uneven distribution of Insolation on the earth is     l Railway tracks are banked on curves so that
      mainly due to the spherical shape of the earth           necessary centripetal force may be obtained
                                                               from the horizontal component of the nor-
General Geography                                              mal reaction due to track
   l  Rajasthan canal receives water from Sutlej           l We feel cool when we sit near the fan, this is
                      Success Tip                              because air vaporises the sweat on our body
                                                           l The average kinetic energy of the molecules of
 The Indira Gandhi Canal is one of the largest canal
                                                               an ideal gas is directly proportional to absolute
 projects in India. It starts from the Harike Barrage
                                                               temperature of the gas
 at Harike, a few kilometres below the confluence of
 the Satluj and Beas rivers in the Indian state         Chemistry
 of Punjab and terminates in irrigation facilities in      l   The radiation that can penetrate deepest in our
 the Thar Desert in the north west of Rajasthan state.         body Gamma-particles
 Previously known as the Rajasthan Canal
                                                           l   X-rays are neutral particles
   l The land which is not cultivated every year
                                                           l   Water flows off the wings of birds and insects
      though it is suitable for cultivation is Cultiva-        due to the presence of waxes
      ble waste land
                                                           l   Lactic acid is associated with muscle fatigue
   l Palk Strait is situated between India and Sri
                                                           l   German silver does not contain silver
                                                           l   An important green-house gas other than meth-
   l Birmingham in U.K. is famous for Iron and Steel
                                                               ane being produced from the agricultural fields
                                                               is Nitrous oxide
   l Aircrafts Building industries is at Koraput
                                                           l   Acid rain is caused due to pollution of atmo-
   l Correct pairs
                                                               sphere by oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
      Green Revolution – Agricultural Development          l   Chlorofluorocarbons are responsible for deple-
      White Revolution – Dairy Development                     tion of ozone layer in the atmosphere
      Blue Revolution – Development of Fisheries
      Operation Flood – Dairy Development
                                                           l   Linseed is obtained from Flax
   l Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are involved with
      Cauvery River dispute                                                    Success Tip
Polity and Constitution                                  Linseed oil, also known as flaxseed oil, is a colourless
                                                         to yellowish oil obtained from the dried, ripened
   l  Speaker of Lok Sabha administers the oath of       seeds of the flax plant (Linum usitatissimum). The
      office to the President                            oil is obtained by pressing, sometimes followed by
   l  The President of India can be removed from his     solvent extraction
      office by the Parliament                             l Euglena possess characteristics of a plant and
Economy                                                        an animal
   l  An entrepreneur buying plane tickets for a                               Success Tip
      family trip is an example of investment Expen-     The euglena is unique because it is sort of like a
      diture                                             plant and also like an animal. It is pear shaped. It
   l  Steel sheets used in the production of furniture   has a whippy tail called a flagellum that allows it to
      is an example of an intermediate good              move through the water