plants grow around a surface, such as a wall, pot,             SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam
or trellis
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  l Cephaleuros is an example of parasitic alga
                      Success Tip                        Medieval History
The alga is parasitic on some important economic             l  Joseph Francois Dupleix was the French Gov-
plants of      the tropics and subtropics such                  ernor of Pondicherry. Who tried to make the
as tea, coffee, mango and guava causing damage                  French Company as a powerful company
limited to the area of algal growth on leaves or killing     l  The most powerful Peshwa was Baji Rao
new shoots, or disfiguring fruit                             l  The first Mysore War fought between the British
  l  Solitary cyrnose inflorescence is observed in              and Hyder Ali in 1767 – 69 A.D., came to an end
     Gardenia                                                   by the treaty of Madras
  l  The excretory aperture in Paramecium is known           l  The British Government intervened in the af-
     as Cytopyge                                                fairs of the Company and passed an Act in 1773
                                                                A.D., known as the Regulating Act
  l  IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Technique was first
                                                             l  Sher Shah defeated Humayun and captured Gaur
     devised by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards
                                                                in the battle of Chausa in 1539 A.D.
  l  Just born baby has the respiratory rate as 32
     times/minute                                        Physical Geography
                      Success Tip                            l  Laterite soil is the most infertile soil among
                                                                Black cotton soil, Alluvial soil, Laterite soil and
The normal respiration rate for an adult at rest is 12
                                                                Peaty soil
to 20 breaths per minute
  l  The special modified epidermal cells surround-                             Success Tip
     ing stomatal pore are called Guard cells             Laterite soil is rich in iron and aluminium, and is
                                                          commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet
                      Success Tip                         tropical areas. Nearly all laterites are of rustyred
Guard cells are cells surrounding each stoma. They        coloration, because of high iron oxide content
help to regulate the rate of transpi-ration by opening       l High temperature is responsible for lack of veg-
and closing the stomata                                         etation in the deserts
  l  Transpiration through leaves is called as Foliar        l Correctly matched:
     transpiration                                              Khadar – Azonal soil
Miscellaneous                                                   Podzol – Zonal soil
  l  The first woman to preside over the UN General             Chestnut – Zonal soil
     Assembly was Vijaylakshmi Pandit                           Bhangar – Azonal soil
                                                             l Direction of Sirocco storm is Sahara to Medit-
  l  The most advanced form Of Read Only Memory
     (ROM) is EEPROM                                            er-ranean Sea
  l  A computer program that translates one program                             Success Tip
     instruction one at a time into machine language      It arises from a warm, dry, tropical air mass that is
     is called an Interpreter                             pulled northward by low-pressure cells moving
  l  Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador of            eastward across the Mediterranean Sea, with the
     Nokia Phones in India                                wind originating in the Arabian or Sahara deserts
                                                             l Moisture is an abiotic factor
  l  ‘Canterbury’, the premium Indian brand of wool-
     len cardigans and pullovers is from the house of        l Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes be-
     Monte-Carlo                                                tween the Sun and the Earth
  l  Lionel Messi, the winner of four FIFA Ballion                              Success Tip
     d’or and World Player of the year, belongs to Ar-    A solar eclipse can only take place at the phase of
     gentina                                              new moon, when the moon passes directly between
  l  “Consumer Electronic Imaging’ Fair 2016", for-       the sun and Earth and its shadows fall upon Earth’s
     mally called as “Photo Fair”, was held in Mum-       surface
     bai.                                                    l A spinning neutron star is known as Pulsar
  l  The ‘more mega store’ retail chain belongs to                              Success Tip
     Aditya Birla Group                                   A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron
  l  The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo             star or white dwarf that emits a beam of electro-
  l   Headquarter of the International Olympic Com-       magnetic radiation
     mittee located in Switzerland                           l Light year is a unit of Distance