The plant from which cocoa and chocolate are
     SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam                         l
                                                               obtained is a shrub
  Held on: 19.10.2014 (First Sitting)                       l  Among Basalt, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire,
                                                               Basalt is the odd item
Ancient History
                                                            l  Vermicomposting is done by worms
   l  In Rock Edict XIII, Ashoka mentions about the
      casualties of Kalinga War and declares the re-                           Success Tip
      nunciation of war                                   Vermicompost is the product of the compo-sting pro-
   l  The Earliest Settlements of Aryan tribes were at    cess using various species of worms, usually red
      Sapta Sindhu                                        wigglers, white worms, and other earthworms, to
                                                          create a heterogeneous mixture of decomposing veg-
Medieval History                                          etable or food waste
   l  Akbar held his religious discussion in Ibadat         l India exports power to Bangladesh
      Khana                                                 l Madhya Pradesh is the largest producer of puls-
                      Success Tip                              es in India
 The Ibadat Khana was a meeting house built in 1575      Polity and Constitution
 by the Mughal Emperor Akbar at Fatehpur Sikri to           l  There are no politics devoid of religion, is stated
 gather spiritual leaders of different religious grounds       by Gandhi
 so as to conduct a discussion on the teachings of          l  Muir speaks of Cabinet system as the steering
 the respective religious leaders                              wheel of the ship of state
   l  Guru Angad succeeded Guru Nanak                       l  Morely has called the Prime Minister Primus
   l  Mir Jaffar betrayed Siraf-ud-Daula in the Bat-           inter pares (first among equals)
      tle of Plassey in 1757                                l  In India, woman had never been a Chief Minis-
                      Success Tip                              ter in the State of Maharashtra
 Robert Clive bribed Mir Jaffar, the commander in           l  The specific feature of the single member con-
 chief of the nawab’s army, and also promised him to           stituency system is, It secures a stable major-
 make him Nawab of Bengal. He defeated the Nawab               ity in the legislature
 at Plassey in 1757 and captured Calcutta                Economy
Modern History                                              l  Average propensity to consume is defined as Ag-
                                                               gregate consumption / Aggregate income
   l  R. Hess said, “Adolf Hitler is Germany and Ger-
      many is Adolf Hitler. He who pledges himself to       l  In short run, if a competitive firm incurs losses,
      Hitler pledges himself to Germany”                       it will stop production
                                                            l  Relation always holds true: Income = Consu-
   l  British Crown assumed sovereignty over India
                                                               mption + Saving
      from the East India Company in the year 1858
                                                            l  The Keynesian consumption function shows a
   l  The first woman President of Indian National
                                                               relation between aggregate consumption and
      congress was Annie Besant
                                                               aggregate income
Physical Geography                                          l  Over short period, when income rises, average
   l  Hydraulic Action is a type of erosion caused by          propensity to consume usually falls
      running water                                      Physics
   l  Cretaceous is the newest geological era               l  Light from the Sun reaches us in nearly 8 min
                      Success Tip                           l  Radar is used to detect and locate distant ob-
 The Cretaceous Period was the last and longest seg-           jects.
 ment of the Mesozoic Era                                                      Success Tip
   l The colours of stars depend on their tempera-        Radar is an object-detection system that uses radio
      ture                                                waves to determine the range, angle, or velocity of
   l One of the best solutions to get rid of non-bio-     objects. It can be used to detect aircraft, ships, space-
      degradable wastes is recycling                      craft, guided missiles, motor vehicles, weather for-
   l Sunda Trench is in Indian Ocean                      mations, and terrain
   l Coal is an organic rock                                l Optical fibre works on the principle of total in-
                                                               ternal reflection
General Geography
   l  Farming along with animal husbandry is called
      mixed agriculture                                     l  The pollutant responsible for ozone holes is CFC