l  The new Agricultural Strategy in India was in-      Miscellaneous
      troduced in 1966
                                                             l  International Ozone Day is celebrated on 16th
   l The sale of branded articles is common in a sit-
      uation of monopolistic competition
                                                             l  Different computers are connected to a LAN by
   l Production refers to creation of utilities
                                                                a cable and a interface card
   l The law of diminishing returns applies to all
                                                             l  TCS was the top exporter company of software
                                                                in 2001 in India
                      Success Tip                            l  CISF – Central Industrial Security Force
 Diminishing returns is the decrease in the marginal            BSF – Border Security Force
 (incremental) output of a production process as the            UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
 amount of a single factor of production is incremen-           SIT- Special Investigation Team
 tally increased, while the amounts of all other fac-        l  A book entitled “The Hindus : An Alternative
 tors of production stay constant                               History” is written by Wendy Doniger
Physics                                                      l  The father of Economics is Adam Smith
                                                             l  Sweden awards Nobel Prize
   l  Super conductors are substances that offer min-        l  The first nuclear explosion in India was con-
      imum resistance to flow of electric current               ducted at Pokhran
   l  A thin oil film on a water surface appears co-         l  The sweetmeat is referred to Petha of Agra
      loured because of interference                         l  Napoleon got finally overthrown in the Battle of
   l  A tachometer is a device used to measure speed            Waterloo in the year 1815
      of rotation
Chemistry                                                           SSC Graduate Level Tier-I
   l  When cathode rays strike a target of high atom-                     (Re-Exam-2013)
      ic weight, they give rise to X-rays                  Held on: 20.07.2014 (Second Sitting)
   l  The major use of sulphur is in the manufacture      Medieval History
      of H2SO4
                                                             l  The tomb ofJahangir was built at Lahore
   l  Atoms of different elements have different atom-
                                                             l  The original name of Nur Jahan was Mehr-un-
      ic number and different number of valence                 Nissa
                                                          Modern History
   l  Organic compounds are covalent compounds
   l  The ‘Greenhouse effect’ is mainly due to increase      l  At the time of independence, India practised
                                                                Subsistence agriculture predominantly
      in atmospheric Carbon dioxide
                                                             l  Charter Act of 1813 brought to an end, the
Biology                                                         East India Company’s monopoly in India’s for-
   l  The newly hatched tadpole breaths through its             eign trade
      External gills                                                            Success Tip
   l  Virus in Latin means Poison                          The Act expressly asserted the Crown’s sovereignty
   l  The biological process in which both aerobes and     over British India
      anaerobes degrade organic matter is Compost-
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      Complex tissue is made up of more than one
                                                             l  The policy of ‘imperial preferences’ adopted by
                                                                Britain in its colonies in 1932 is also known as
                                                                the Ottawa Agreement
      type of cells
   l  The cuticle is absent in root                          l  The Declaration of the Rights of Man is related
   l  Intercalary meristems are found in Inter node             with the French Revolution
   l  Correctly matched:                                  Physical Geography
      Vitamin-A: Colour-blindness
      Vitamin-B:                                             l  The planet which has the highest surface tem-
      Vitamin-C: Scurvy                                         perature is Venus
      Vitamin-E: Reproduction                                l  Atmospheric temperature increasing at the high-
   l  Major pesticidal properties are present in Pon-           er altitudes is called Inversion
      gamia                                                  l  Eutrophication of a water body enhances or-
   l  Animals make several feeding trips in a day               ganic matter production and biological oxy-
   l  Green blocks is referred to Bio-bricks                    gen demand
   l  India celebrated its “Polio free status” during the    l  Jaisamand, Ganga river and Chilika lake wa-
      month of February 2014                                    ter bodies are freshwater resource