SSC CAPFs SI & ASI Exam                         Polity and Constitution
             Held on: 23.06.2013                            l  There is no provision in the Indian Constitu-
                                                               tion for Planning Commission (now NITI Aayog).
                                                            l  English is not specified in the Eighth schedule
Ancient History                                                of the Indian Constitution.
    l Match the following                                   l  Article-16 of the Indian Constitution provides
      Chalukyas – Vatapi                                       for equal opportunities for all citizens in Public
      Hoysalas - Dwarasamudra                                  employment.
      Rashtrakutas- Malkhed                                 l  Despotism is opposite to democratic state
      Kakatiyas- Warangal                                                       Success Tip
    l Rock Edict XIII is the principal source of infor-   Despotism is a form of government in which a sin-
      mation on Asoka’s campaign against Kalinga          gle entity rules with absolute power
    l The Gandhara art flourished under the Kusha-
                                                            l Locke said : “Where there is no law, there is no
Medieval History                                            l Chief Justice of India (CJI):
    l Sultan Iltutmish received a robe of honour from          l administers the oath of office to the Presi-
      the caliph.                                                 dent
                                                               l When both the offices of the President and
Modern History
                                                                  Vice-President fall vacant simultaneously, the
    l The world’s tallest statue of Mahatma Gandhi                CJI discharges the duties of the President
      is in Patna
                                                               l The CJI can hold his office till he attains the
                      Success Tip                                 age of 65 years
 The statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Gandhi Maidan,
 Patna, is a public monument of India’s father of
 Nation Mahatma Gandhi. The statue is the world’s           l  If a film is operating at loss in the short-period in
 tallest bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi                       perfect combination, it should continue to oper-
    l Gandhi’s concept of Trusteeship transforms the
                                                               ate as long as it covers even the variable costs.
      capitalistic society into an egalitarian one          l  Excise Duty is an indirect tax
    l Hunter’s Commission – 1882                                                Success Tip
      Wardha Scheme – 1937                                service tax, central excise and customs duty,
      University’s Act– 1904                              and value added tax (VAT) are some indirect taxes
      Radhakrishnan Commission- 1948                      in India.
                                                            l Taxes on professions can be levied by State gov-
Physical Geography
                                                               ernment only
    l Lake formed in a cut off river, meander is called
                                                            l Price stabilisation is not a function of money
      Ox-Bow Lake
                                                            l “Closed Economy” means a country having no
    l The rapidly growing mass of phytoplankton cov-
                                                               imports and exports
      ering the surface water of a lake or pond is known
                                                            l At “Break-even point” the firm is at zero-prof-
      as Eutrophication.
                                                               it point
                      Success Tip
 Eutrophication encourages the growth of algae (al-      Physics
 gal bloom) and other aquatic plants. Following this,       l  Photoelectric effect supports particle nature
 overcrowding occurs and plants compete for sun-               of photons.
 light, space and oxygen                                    l  Electromagnetic radiation in order of their in-
    l Contour line is the imaginary line joining plac-         creasing wavelength
      es of equal Elevation
                                                               X – Ray, infrared, visible, microwave
    l Sandstone is metamorphosed to Quartzite
                                                            l  Spontaneous change is one in there is a lower-
General Geography                                              ing of free energy
    l McMahon Line, Radcliffe Line and Durand Line          l  Instrument used to study the behaviour of a vi-
      are lines of demarcation between two countries.          brating string is Sonometer
    l Meghalaya occupies the same ranking position
      in respect of area and population.
    l Gujarat is the leading state in India in “Ship        l  PYROLYSIS is a process for solid waste trea-
      Breaking” industry                                       tment: