l  Place                             Location             l  The device used for measuring the wavelength of
      Trafalgar Square                  London                  X-rays is Bragg Spectrometer
      Red Square                        Moscow            Chemistry
      Tiananmen Square                  Beijing
                                                             l  Alpha particle is the nucleus of an atom of He-
      Tahrir Square                     Egypt
Polity and Constitution                                      l  Silicone is a polymer of Dialkyl dichloro silane
   l  Division of Powers and Independent Judiciary           l  Blood is a natural colloid
      are the two important features of Democratic           l  German Silver does not contain Silver
      form of Government
                                                                                Success Tip
   l  Article 32 of the Indian Constitution termed
      by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the “Heart and Soul of       Ger man silver contains copper, from 50% to
      the Indian Constitution”                             61.6%; zinc, from 19% to 17.2%; nickel, from 30%
                                                           to 21.1%
   l  Machiavelli was the first to use the term ‘State’
   l  Under Article 33 of the Constitution of India,         l  The presence of Cobalt in Vitamin B12 was es-
      the fundamental rights of the members of the              tablished for the first time by Spectroscopy
      Armed Forces be specifically restricted                l  Coating of solid waste with impervious material
   l  President of India presides over the Joint Ses-           is known as Encapsulation
      sion of Indian Parliament                           Biology
   l  Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan is the Chairman
                                                             l  Teeth and Bones acquire strength and rigidity
      of the 21th Law Commission
                                                                from Calcium
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                                                             l  The type of tail found in Shark is Heterocercal
 Currently he is Chairman of the Cauvery River Wa-           l  The Sigmoid Colon is part of Large Intestine
 ter Disputes Tribunal
                                                             l  AIDS virus destroys Lymphocytes
   l Chhattisgarh is the first state in India to pass
                                                             l  Nitrosomonas bacterial strain developed from
      the Food Security Law
                                                                natural isolates by genetic manipulations can
Economy                                                         be used for treating oil spills
   l  Social accounting system in India is classified        l  Thiamidine dimer formation in DNA is caused
      into Income, product and expenditure                      by UV-rays
   l  Forced Savings refer to reduction of consu-mp-      Miscellaneous
      tion consequent to a rise in prices
   l  The demand for labour is called derived demand         l  Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of “Face-book”
                                                                which is currently the No.1 social networking
   l  Expansion of the main plant of a company,
                                                                website in India
      purchase of machinery and an increase in busi-
      ness inventories are investment expenditures in        l  In programming, repeating some statements is
      goods and services                                        usually called Looping
   l  Undistributed profits represents the Savings           l  Christopher Martin Jenkins, Presidents of MCC
      of the Private Corporate Sector                           was a non-professional cricketer
                                                             l  European Union won the Nobel Prize for Peace
                                                                in 2012
   l  A good conductor while carrying current is pos-
      itively charged                                                           Success Tip
   l  Phytochrome plant pigments absorbs in red and        The 2016 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Pres-
      far-red region of light                              ident of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos
                       Success Tip                           l  Shankha Ghosh won the Jnanpith Award for
 Phytochrome is a photoreceptor, a pigment
 that plants and some bacteria and fungi, use to de-         l  Mark Tolly is the-author of the book “No Full
 tect light. It is sensitive to light in the red and far-       Stops in India”
 red region of the visible spectrum                          l  The term of a non-permanent member of the U.N.
   l The process through which excess of light ener-            Security Council is 2 years
      gy is dissipated in photosynthesis is known as         l  Winner of the Australian Open Men’s Singles
      Quenching                                                 Title in 2013 is Novak Djokovic
   l Ultraviolet rays can be used in water treatment         l  Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is the 29th and current
      as Disinfectant                                           Prime Minister of Australia