Physical Geography                                                                       Success Tip
   l        In ‘annular’ pattern, rivers flow like a ring          The fourth colour band indicates the resistor’s tol-
   l        Ports of the Baltic Sea remain open for trade even     erance. Tolerance is the percentage of error in the
            during winter because North Atlantic Drift, a          resistor’s resistance, or how much more or less you
      warm ocean current flows in the region                       can expect a resistor’s actual measured resistance
   l  The climatic zones are classified on the basis of            to be from its stated resistance. A gold tolerance
      rainfall                                                     band is 5% tolerance, silver is 10%, and no band at
   l  Major South-West Asian oil fields are located in             all would mean a 20% tolerance.
      Shore regions of Persian Gulf
                                                                     l In Astrophysics, White hole is a hypothetical
   l  Europa, Ganymede and Callisto are Galilean
                                                                        hole in outer space from which stars and energy
            Satellite of Jupiter
   l        The increased incidence of floods in recent times
            in North India is due to increased deforesta-                                Success Tip
            tion in the catchment area                             In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical
Polity and Constitution                                            region of space time which cannot be entered from
                                                                   the outside, although matter and light can escape
   l        Habeas Corpus is issued by the court in case of
                                                                   from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole,
      an illegal detention of a person
                                                                   which can only be entered from the outside and from
   l True about Pressure Groups:
                                                                   which matter and light cannot escape.
      ä         Pressure Groups aim at influencing the poli-
                cies of the government                               l Light scattering takes place in Colloidal solutions
        ä       Pressure Groups articulates the interest of its   Chemistry
                                                                     l  Neutrons are slowed down in a nuclear reactor
          ä     Pressure Group is characterised by homoge-
                neity of interests                                      by Moderator
   l Under Article 323A of the Indian Constitution,                                      Success Tip
      the decision of the Central Administrative Tri-              In nuclear engineering, a neutron moder-ator is a
      bunal can be challenged in the Supreme Court                 medium that reduces the speed of fast neutrons,
   l Switzerland is the example for Plural Executive               thereby turning them into thermal neutrons capa-
                              Success Tip                          ble of sustaining a nuclear chain reaction
 The office of the President does not depend upon                    l An element of atomic no. 29 belongs to d-block
 Congress. He is popularly elected for a term of four                l H2SO4 is used as a catalyst in the production
 years. In Switzerland, there is a plural executive.                    of high octane fuels
 Though the Swiss constitution provi-des for a Pres-                 l The term reactor referred to in waste water treat-
 ident, he is not like the head of the state of a pres-                 ment is Aeration tank
 idential form of government                                         l The effect or response produced by two or more
   l The Concept of “Directive Principles of State                      chemicals are less than the sum of the effects
      Policy” incorporated in the Constitution of In-                   or response that the chemical would produce
      dia was borrowed from the Constitution of Ire-                    individually is known as Antagonism
      land                                                           l Threshold limit value of copper in the atmospher-
Economy                                                                 ic air is 1.0 mg/m3
   l        Investment multiplier shows the effect of invest-                            Success Tip
            ment on Income                                         The threshold limit value (TLV) of a chemical
   l Buffer stock, Imports and Support price are                   substance is a level to which it is believed a worker
            related to the Agricultural Price Policy               can be exposed day after day for a working lifetime
   l If a good has negative income elasticity and pos-             without adverse effects
            itive price elasticity of demand, it is a giffen good
                              Success Tip
 A giffen good occurs when a rise in price causes high-              l  Membrane lipids of chill-sensitive plants contain
 er demand because the income effect outweighs the                      high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids
 substitution effect                                                 l Respiration is regarded as a Catabolic Process
   l The opportunity cost of a factor of production is                                   Success Tip
            what it can earn in some other use                     Respiration involves the oxidation carbohydrates,
   l Gold, SDRs and Foreign currency assets form                   proteins and fats etc to release energy. Since bonds
            parts of the foreign exchange reserves of India        in these substances are broken down to release ener-
Physics                                                            gy, respiration is considered as a catabolic process
                                                                     l The structure which helps in the nutrition of
   l        In the resistance colour code, the fourth band
            signifies tolerance level                                   the Embryo is Yolk sac