Success Tip                            l  Film fare Award for Best Female Actor, 2011 was
 The first dynamo based on Faraday’s principles was              conferred on Vidya Balan
 built in 1832 by Hippolyte Pixii                                                Success Tip
   l It is easier for a man to swim in sea water, than      Film fare Award for Best Female Actor, 2016 was
       in river water because the density of sea water      conferred on Deepika Padukone
       is more than the density of river water                l Sunder Lal Bahuguna:
   l In the remote control of television, electrom-              l He is an eminent environmentalist
       agnetic waves used are infrared                           l He was awarded Padma Bhushan in 2009
Chemistry                                                        l He started the ‘Chipko Andolan’ to create
                                                                    awareness about deforestation
   l   Oxygen is colourless                                   l Malthus said that “the power of population is
   l   Lactose is present in milk                                infinitely greater than the power in the earth to
   l Hard water and soft water can be distinguished
                                                                 produce subsistence”
       by using detergent                                     l UNICEF is directly related to child welfare
   l Hydrogen fuels causes minimum environmen-
                                                                                 Success Tip
       tal pollution
                                                            The United Nations International Children’s Fund is
                       Success Tip
                                                            a United Nations (UN) programme headquartered
 Hydrogen fuel is a zero-emission fuel when burned          in New York City that provides humanitarian and
 with oxygen                                                developmental assistance to children and mothers in
   l Ferrous sulphate is used in water treatment as         devel-oping countries. It is one of the members of
       a coagulant aid                                      the United Nations Development Group and its ex-
   l Hardness of the water is commonly measured in          ecutive committee
       terms of calcium carbonate equivalents
Biology                                                       SSC FCI Assistant Grade-III Exam
   l   Typhoid fever is caused by Bacterium                              Held on: 11.11.2012
   l   Pituitary, Thyroid and Adrenal are endocrine
       glands                                              Medieval History
                       Success Tip                            l  The Third Battle of Panipat was fought between
 Endocrine glands are glands of the endocrine system             the Marathas and the Afghans
 that secrete their products, hormones, directly into                            Success Tip
 the blood rather than through a duct. The                  The Third Battle of Panipat took place on 14 Janu-
 major glands of the endocrine system include the           ary 1761 at Panipat
 pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, tes-
 tes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, hypothalamus       Modern History
 and adrenal glands                                           l  Viceroy Lord Mayo became a victim of one of the
   l Grey hair is caused due to loss of melanin in               convicts during his visit to the Andaman
       epidermal cells                                        l  Gandhiji termed Cripps’ proposals as a post
   l In our body, antibodies are formed against                  dated cheque in a crashing bank
       pathogens in thymus by lymphocytes                                        Success Tip
   l Prawn heart carries oxygenated blood
                                                            The Cripps mission was an attempt in late March
   l Hydra has no blood, but respires
                                                            1942 by the British government to secure full Indi-
   l The biological decomposition of organic substa-
                                                            an cooperation and support for their efforts in World
       nces in wastes under controlled conditions
                                                            War II.
       known as composting
                                                              l The State Jhansi was made a part of the British
Miscellaneous                                                    Empire in India through Doctrine of Lapse
   l   A place through which, data can enter or leave         l Mahatma Gandhi started his Dandi March from
       a computer is called port                                 Sabarmati Ashram
   l   ATM is the abbreviation for Automated Teller
       Machine                                             Physical Geography
   l   Novelist, Mr. Salman Rushdie was awarded               l  Caldera lake is formed by volcanic activities
       “Knighthood” by Queen Elizabeth II                                        Success Tip
   l   Vijayalakshmi Pandit served as India’s first am-
                                                            A caldera is a large cauldron-like depre-ssion that
       bassador to the Soviet Union
                                                            forms following the evacuation of a magma cham-
   l   Jamia Millia Islamia University has conferred
                                                            ber/reservoir. When large volumes of magma are
       the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters (D. Litt.)
                                                            erupted over a short time period, structural support
       on U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon