Biology                                                     l  Trombay is odd one among Tarapur, Trombay,
                                                               Kalpakkam and Narora
    l Drug which helps to reduce anxiety and brings
      about calmness is tranquiliser                                           Success Tip
                      Success Tip                         Trombay is a thermal power plant and rest are nu-
 A tranquilizer is a drug that induces tranq-uillity in   clear power plant
 a person and other animals                                 l Leander Pees has the unique distinction of win-
    l A keel is absent in Duck                                 ning 50 Doubles Titles in ATP tour history
    l Broad spectrum antibiotics are produced by Pen-
                                                             SSC Graduate Level Tier-1 Exam
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 Some members of the genus produce penic-illin, a               (North Zone: Evening Shift-1)
 molecule that is used as an antibiotic, which kills
 or stops the growth of certain kinds of bacteria in-    Medieval History
 side the body                                              l  Firuz Tughlaq paid considerable attention to
    l The pigment that protect plants from harmful             irrigation and public works
      effect of ultraviolet rays is Phycocyanin
                                                                               Success Tip
                      Success Tip
 Phycocyanin is a pigment-protein complex from the        Tughlaq instituted economic policies to increase the
 light-harvesting phycobiliprotein family, along with     material welfare of his people. Many rest houses (sa-
 allophycocyanin and phycoerythrin. It is an acces-       rai), gardens and tombs were built. A number
 sory pigment to chlorophyll                              of madrasas were opened to encourage literacy. He
    l Glycogen, starch and cellulose are polymers of      set up hospitals for the free treatment of the poor
      Glucose                                             and encouraged physicians in the development
    l Plague is called as black death                     of Unani medicine
    l Parthenium and Elephant grass has been found          l  Chachnama was written originally in Arabic
      useful to check water pollution caused by in-
      dustrial affluent                                                        Success Tip
    l Certain desert lizards excrete their wastes in dry  It contains an introductory chapter about the his-
      form. This serves as a means of adaptation of       tory of Sindh just before its conquest by the Arabs
      the organism to the environment                       l  Gita Goviada was written by Jayadeva
    l Kidney can be taken from a dying person who
      has the cessation of neurological function only                          Success Tip
Miscellaneous                                             The Gita Govinda is a work composed by the 12th-
                                                          century Indian poet, Jayadeva. It describes the rela-
    l In Mesh topology there are bidirectional links
      between each possible node                          tionship between Krishna and the gopis of Vrinda-
                                                          vana, and in particular one gopi named Radha
                      Success Tip
 A mesh network is a network topology in which each      Modern History
 node relays data for the network. All mesh nodes
                                                            l  The Ilbert Bill was introduced during the time
 cooperate in the distribution of data in the
 network. Mesh networks can relay messages using               of Ripon
 either a flooding technique or a routing technique                            Success Tip
    l LAN stands for Local Area Network                   The bill was introduced in 1883 by Viceroy Ripon,
    l Losoong is a festival celebrated in Sikkim          who actually desired to abolish the racial prejudice
                      Success Tip                         from the Indian Penal Code
   Losoong also called Namsoong by the Lepchas is           l  The Muslim League was founded in 1906 at Dha-
 the Sikkimese New Year. It is usually the time when           ka
 the farmers rejoice and celebrate their harvest
    l Marie Curie win her two different Nobel Prizes
                                                                               Success Tip
      in Physics and Chemistry                            Muslim League was founded in 1906 as the All-
    l Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in swimming        India Muslim League by Aga Khan III. Its original
      events in the Beijing Olympics                      purpose was to safeguard the political rights
                      Success Tip                         of Muslims in India
 As of August 13, 2016, American swimmer Michael         Physical Geography
 Phelps has won the most Olympic medals with 28
 medals (23 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze). He is also the       l  Magnetic Equator is closely associated with Sat-
 most decorated Olympian in individual events, with            ellite launching
 16 medals (13 gold,2 silver, 1 bronze)