Physical Geography                                          l   The first speaker of Lok Sabha was G. V. Mav-
   l   An algae type ocean deposit is Diatom Ooze
                       Success Tip
 Diatom ooze (formed from microscopic unicellular           l   m-commerce is mobile commerce
 algae having cell walls consisting of or resembling                           Success Tip
 silica) is the most widespread deposit in the high       M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and
 southern latitudes                                       selling of goods and services through wireless hand-
   l The biggest planet in the solar system is Jupi-      held devices such as cellular telephone and person-
       ter                                                al digital assistants
   l Peninsular India has the Red and yellow type soil      l Low cost housing is an example for merit wants
                                                            l Consumption for the sake of en joying social
General Geography                                               acknowledgement is called Conspicuous con-
   l   The iron and steel plant in Bihar is at Bokaro           sumption
                                                            l Citi Bank was the first to in troduce ATMs to
                       Success Tip
                                                                the world
 Bokaro Steel Plant (BSP) is located in the Bokaro
                                                            l The state which has registered the highest pop-
 district of Jharkhand. It is the fourth integrated
                                                                ulation growth rate according to 2011 census is
 public sector steel plant in India built with Soviet
 help. It was incorporated as a limited company in
                                                            l Alfred Marshall is the Master of “Partial Analy-
 1964. It was later merged with the state-owned Steel
 Authority of India Limited (SAIL)
                                                            l India making ‘Double Taxation Avoidance Agree-
   l The most densely populated state in India is West          ments’ (DTAA) with other countries for the
       Bengal                                                   pro motion of Bilateral trade
Polity and Constitution                                     l Brain drain has been caused by lack of employ-
                                                                ment opportunities
   l   K.T. Shah said that the Directive Principles of
                                                            l The study of population is known as Dem-ogra-
       State Policy are just like “a cheque on bank pay-
       able at the convenience of the bank”
   l   The proposal for the creation of new All India    Physics
       Services can be considered only if the Rajya Sab-    l   Convex mirror is used in a view finding mirror
       ha passes a resolution by two thirds ma jority           of a vehicle
   l   “Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” is the                           Success Tip
       guiding principle of Retributive theory of Jus-    Convex mirrors are curved mirrors that give a “com-
       tice                                               pressed” view rather than a flat view. As a result,
                       Success Tip                        they cover a wider field of view and objects in the
 Retributive justice is a theory of justice which holds   mirror appear smaller
 that the best response to a crime is a proportionate       l We receive sunlight on earth surface, these
 punishment, inflicted for its own sake rather than             beams of light are of random type
 to serve an extrinsic social purpose, such as deter-       l Earth is a very big magnet. Its magnetic field
 rence or rehabilit-ation of the offender                       extends north to south
   l The authority to specify which castes shall be         l The ultimate source of energy in a hydroelectric
       deemed to be scheduled castes rests with the             power station is the potential energy of water
       President                                         Chemistry
   l Mamta Sharma was appointed in 2011 as the              l   Correct statements are:
       chairperson of National Commission for Wom-              l Phenols are acidic
                                                                l In benzene all the atoms lie in one plane
                       Success Tip                              l Dilute solutions contain less amount of sol-
 National Commission for Women was established                  ute
 in January 1992 under the provisions of the Indian         l   Pyroligneous acid obtained from wood contains
 Constitution, as defined in the 1990 National Com-             10% Acetic acid
 mission for Women Act. The first head of the com-                             Success Tip
 mission was Jayanti Patnaik. On 29 September
                                                          Pyroligneous acid, also called wood vinegar or wood
 2014 Lalitha Kumaramangalam was appointed                acid, is a dark liquid produced by the destructive
 Chairperson.                                             distillation of wood and other plant materials.
   l The seat of Kerala High Court is located at Er-        l Union Carbide India Ltd. man ufactured essen-
       nakulam                                                  tially Petrochemicals