l  Correct Pairs:                                    Physical Geography
      Jeev Milkha Singh – Golf                             l  ‘El Nino effect’ is closely associated with Equa-
      Irfan Pathan – Cricket                                  torial counter current
      Abhinav Bindra – Rifle Shooting
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      Sania Mirza – Tennis
                                                         El Nino is a climate cycle in the Pacific Ocean with
   l  Vijai Santhanam and Shyam Balasubramani-
                                                         a global impact on weather patterns. The cycle be-
      am is the author of the book ‘If Cricket is Reli-
      gion, Sachin is God’                               gins when warm water in the western tropical Pacif-
                                                         ic Ocean shifts eastward along the equator toward
   l  Sunder Lal Bahuguna, is an eminent enviro-
                                                         the coast of South America. Normally, this warm
      nmentalist. He was awarded Padma Bhushan
      in 2009. He started the ‘Chipko Movement’ to       water pools near Indonesia and the Philippines
      create awareness of deforestation.                   l  Tropic of Cancer – 231/2° N latitude
   l  The three countries, in serial order, who won           Tropic of Capricorn – 231/2° S latitude
      the highest number of gold medals in the Beijing        International Date line 180° longitude
      Olympics Games were China, USA, Russia                  Antarctic Circle – 661/2° S latitude
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                                                        General Geography
 The three countries, in serial order, who won the
 highest number of gold medals in the Rio Olympics         l  Palitana Temples are situated Near Bhav Nagar
 Games 2016, were U.S.A, Great Britain and China                              Success Tip
   l The first woman from India to be conferred the      The Palitana temples of Jainism are located on Sha-
      Sainthood by Pope Benedict XVI is Sister Al-       trunjaya hill by the city of Palitana in Bhavnagar
      phonsa                                             district, Gujarat. The city of the same name, known
                                                         previously as Padliptapur, has been dubbed “City of
     SSC Graduate Level Tier-I Exam                      Temples”.
             Held on: 01.07.2012                           l  The tributary of River Indus which flows through
       (North Zone: Evening Shift-1)                          Himachal Pradesh is Sutlej
                                                           l  The world’s fastest growing water plant is Water
Ancient History                                               hyacinth
   l  Vikramshila University was founded by Dhara-
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                                                         Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial aquatic
                      Success Tip                        plant (or hydrophytes) native to tropical and sub-
 Vikramashila (IAST: Vikramaúilâ) was one of the two     tropical South America. With broad, thick, glossy,
 most important centres of Buddhist learning in In-      ovate leaves, water hyacinth may rise above the sur-
 dia during the Pala empire, along with Nalanda.         face of the water as much as 1 meter in height.
 Vikramashila was established by King Dharmapala
                                                           l  River Chambal flows through U.P.M.P., Rajast-
 (783 to 820) in response to a supposed decline in
 the quality of scholarship at Nalanda                        han
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Medieval History
                                                         Chambal originates at Manpura, south of Mhow
   l  William Hawkins was the first envoy of the East    town, near Indore, on the south slope of the Vindhya
      India Company to meet Jahangir in 1608 A.D
                                                         Range in Madhya Pradesh. The Chambal and its trib-
                      Success Tip                        utaries drain the Malwa region of north western
 In 1607, William Hawkins commanded the ship “Hec-       Madhya Pradesh
 tor” for East India Company on a voyage to Surat
 and Aden loaded with letters & presents from King      Polity and Constitution
 of England James I                                        l  The Supreme Court decides the disputes re-
                                                              garding election of President
Modern History
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   l  The state of Jhansi was made a part of the Brit-
      ish empire in India through the Doctrine of Lapse  According to Article 71 of the Constitution, all doubts
                                                         and disputes arising out of or in connection with
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                                                         the election of a President or Vice-President shall be
 The doctrine of lapse was an annex-ation policy         inquired into and decided by the Supreme Court.
 purportedly devised by Lord Dalhousie, who was
 the Governor General for the East India Company           l  Attorney General of India is the first Law Of-
 in India between 1848 and 1856.                              ficer of the Government of India