Chemistry                                                         l  Correct pair of players and their respected games
  l A bioenergy source obtained by fermentation to                   a. Harbhajan Singh             Cricket
    supplement fossil fuel petrol is Ethanol.                        b. Saina Nehwal                Badminton
  l The substance that cause the worst air pollu-                    c. Jwala Gutta                 Tennis
    tion is Sulphur dioxide                                          d. Virat Kohli                 Cricket
  l The reaction is fast, this statement is not cor-              l  Rajasthan has the largest gap in male and fe-
    rect regarding covalent compounds.                               male literacy as per 2011 Census (provisional
  l The properties of a mixture are the same as
                                                                  l  Santosh Yadav is the first woman to conquer
    those of its components
                                                                     Mount Everest twice
  l PVC is obtained by the polymerization of Vinyl
                                                                  l  Jamshedpur iron and steel works in India is
                                                                     not under public sector.
  l Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium                 l  Dhyan chand, is the Indian hockey player has a
    and nickel.                                                      road named after him in Germany.
  l Enriched uranium used in a nuclear reactor is
    uranium with a high percentage of a particu-                  SSC CPOs SI & Intelligence Office
    lar isotope.
  l In a refrigerator, cooling is produced by the
                                                                      & CAPFs SI & CISF ASI Exam
    evaporation of a volatile liquid.                  (Second Sitting) Held on: 27.05.2012
Biology                                                Ancient History
  l When a person cries, there is a watery discharge              l  Literary works and the authors
    from the nose due to activation of Lachrymal                     a. Kavirajamarga               Amoghavarsha
                                                                     b. Adipurana                   Jinasena
  l The fundamental role of root hairs in plants is
                                                                     c. Ganitasarasamgraha          Mahaviracharya
    to absorb water and mineral salts from the
    soil.                                                            d. Amoghavrithi                Sakatayana
  l Catch crops are crops to be cut and fed green                                    Success Tips
    to the cattle.                                      ä            Kavirajamarga is the earliest (850 CE) avail-
  l Anticoagulants are not present in wasp.                          able writing on rhetoric, poetics and grammar
  l The pigment that protects plants from UV dam-                    in Kannada Language. It was written by famous
    ages is Phycocyanin.                                             Rashtrakuta King ‘Nripattunga Amoghavarsha’.
  l Vegetation is effective in absorbing Pollutant        ä          Adipurana is a 10th century Kannada text writ-
    gases.                                                           ten by Jinasenacharya.
  l The red colour of ripe tomatoes is due to the           ä        Ganitasarasamgraha by Mahaviracharya was
    presence of Carotenoids.                                         written during the regin of Amoghavarsha (814-
                                                                     878) of the Rashtrakura dynasty.
                                                              ä      Amoghavrithi was written by Sakatayana.
  l Operating System acts as a mediator between
    the user’s program and the hardware                Medieval History
  l The project similar to T.V.A. (Tennessee Valley               l  The greatest Portuguese Governor was the Albu-
    Authority) of U.S.A, in India is Damodar Valley                  querque, who laid the real foundation of Portu-
    Project                                                          guese power in India.
  l The headquarters of International Atomic En-                                     Success Tip
    ergy Agency is located at Vienna.
                                                                Alfonso de Albuquerque succeeded Almeida in 1509.
  l If you use a font that is not supported by a
                                                                He conquered Goa, Malacca and Hormuz. He died
    browser, then the next will be displayed in the
                                                                in Goa in December 1515.
    default font.
  l United Nations Conference on Environment and       Modern History
    Development is called Earth Summit.                           l  Dhondu Pant was the other name of Nana Sa-
  l Dakshin Gangotri is the name of the first research               hib.
    station established by India in the Antarctica.
                                                                                     Success Tip
  l Azim premji was awarded Padma Vibhusan in
    2011 for his exceptional and distinguished ser-             Nana Sahib, born on May 19, 1824 as Dhondu Pant,
    vice in the field of trade and industry.                    was a rebel Indian leader during the Great Revolt of
  l The five permanent members of the U.N. Securi-              1857. As the adopted son of the exiled Maratha Pesh-
    ty Council are China, France, Russia, United                wa Baji Rao 2nd, he sought to restore the Maratha
    Kingdom and U.S.A.                                          confederacy and the Peshwa tradition.