Miscellaneous                                           Modern History
    l Gol Gumbaz is in Bijapur.                           l Famous leaders and     their party
    l Correctly Matched                                     a. Sarojini Naidu       Indian National Congress
      State                         Capital                 b. M.A. Jinnah          Muslim League
      Assam                         Dispur                  c. Sir Tej Bahadur      Liberal Party
      Arunachal Pradesh             Itanagar                   Sapru
                                                            d. V.D. Savarkar        Hindu Mahasabha
      Tripura                       Agartala
      Nagaland                      Kohima              Physical Geography
    l David Thouless, Duncan Haldane and Michael          l During the period of South-West monsoon,
      Kosterlitz are Nobel Laureates in Physics for         Tamil Nadu remains dry because it lies in the
      2016.                                                 rain-shadow area.
    l The telephone was invented by Alexander Gra-      General Geography
      ham Bell.                                           l Suitable match
    l The term of ‘Pitcher’ is associated with Basket-      a. Rosewood                    Deciduous forests
      ball.                                                 b. Bushes                      Dry Forests
    l Kamakhya temple is an important place of tour-        c. Birch                       Alpine forests
      ism in the State of Assam.                            d. Sundari tree                Mangroove forest
      Tea can called as “brown paper” also.
                                                        Polity and Constitution
    l Java is not a hardware
                                                          l Caste system in independent India goes against
    l ‘Tabal Chongli’ is a form of folk dance associat-     the very basis of democracy.
      ed with the State of Assam.                         l The Social Forestry Scheme was introduced dur-
    l According to a study conducted by Hyderabad’s         ing Sixth Five Year Plan.
      National Institute of Nutrition, the healthiest     l The model code of conduct for political parties
      of 14 fresh fruits commonly consumed in India         and candidates to be followed during the elec-
      with maximum ‘Goodness Index’ is Guava.               tions is specified in the Representation of the
                                                            People Act.1951
    l Compilers is a system software.
                                                          l A citizen can directly move the Supreme Court
                                                            for any violation of Fundamental Rights Under
   SSC CPOs SI & Intelligence Officer                       Article 32.
            & CAPFs SI & CISF ASI                         l Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was sitting Vice-Pres-
                                                            idents of India contested for the post of Presi-
         Exam Held on: 27.05.2012                           dent and lost the election.
Ancient History                                         Economy
    l Match of medieval travellers with their coun-       l There is no selling cost under monopolistic com-
      tries                                                 petition.
      a. Marco Polo                 Italy                 l Inspection of exported goods for quality as-
                                                            surance is not a function of the Exim Bank of
      b. Ibn Battuta                Morocco                 India.
      c. Antonio Monserrate         Spain                 l According to Karl Marx, the change in economic
      d. Mahmud Wali Balkhi         Balkh                   system results in inevitable changes in the en-
    l Charaka, Susruta and Patanjali was the med-           tire systems.
      ical trio of ancient India.                         l A commodity will have value only if it is
                                                            scarce relative to demand
Medieval History                                          l Formula for calculation of Per Capita Income
    l The French challenge to British in India came         = National Income Total population
                                                          l For controlling inflation, the central bank should
      to an end with Battle of Wandiwash.
                                                            purchase Government securities in the open
    l Rana Kumbha constructed the Tower of Victory          market.
      at Chittor to mark his victory over Mahmud
      Khalji of Malwa.
                                                          l To eliminate the glare of headlights in motor
                      Success Tip                           cars polaroids are used.
 It was constructed by Mewar king Rana Kumbha in          l The substances which have infinite electrical
 1448 to commemorate his victory over the combined          resistance are called insulators.
 armies of Malwa and Gujarat led by Mahmud Khil-          l A liquid is said to boil when its vapour pres-
 ji. The tower is dedicated to Vishnu.                      sure equals the surrounding pressure.