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        FCI Assistant Grade-3 Exam
                                                         The National Development Council includes Union
             Held on: 05.02.2012                         Council of Ministers, Members of Planning Commis-
                                                         sion and Chief Ministers of all the States and Ad-
Ancient History                                          ministrators of all Union Territories.
   l  The early Buddhist scriptures were composed in
                                                           l A secular state is one which has no religion of
      Pali Texts.
                                                             its own.
   l  In Mohanjadaro, the largest building is the
      great bath.                                       Economy
   l  The caste system of India was created for occu-      l In Capitalistic Economy, the prices are dete-
      pational division of labour.                           rmined by Demand and Supply.
Medieval History                                           l Co-operative farming is not a cause of low pro-
                                                             ductivity in Indian Agriculture.
   l  Meaning of Jahangir is Conqueror of the world.
                                                           l Tooth paste is a product sold under prefect com-
Modern History                                               petition
   l  Gandhi ji started his Satyagraha Movement in      Physics
                                                           l When a vibrating tuning fork is placed on a ta-
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                                                             ble, a loud sound is heard. This is due to forced
 Champaran Satyagraha (Bihar, 1917) was the move-            vibrations.
 ment of Indigo peasants against the oppression of
                                                           l A piece of wood is held under water. The up thrust
 the planters. Mahatma Gandhi asked the peasants
                                                             on it will be less than weight of the wood.
 to resort to Satyagraha.
                                                           l Light houses are places with powerful lights to
   l  The Royal Durbar was held on November 1st, 1858
                                                             guide and warn the ships coming from differ-
      to issue the Queen’s proclamation in Delhi.
                                                             ent directions in the ocean.
   l  Swami Vivekananda is called as the ‘Prophet
      of New India’.                                    Chemistry
Physical Geography                                         l The iron ore which contains 72% of iron is mag-
   l  Tsunamis are waves generated by Earthquakes
      beneath the sea.                                     l The filament of electric bulb is made up of Tung-
   l  The zone of Earth’s atmosphere immediately             sten.
      above its surface up to a height of about 16 kms     l Cement is usually a mixture of Calcium sili-
      above equator and 8kms over the poles is known         cate and calcium aluminate.
      as Troposphere                                       l The atmospheric gas that is mainly responsible
General Geography                                            for Green House effect Carbondioxide.
                                                           l Electric bulbs are filled with argon.
   l  Rajasthan is the largest state of India.
                                                           l The purest form of iron is Cast Iron.
   l  The crop mainly grown in hills is sweet potato.
                                                           l The gas that is used in the manufacture of van-
   l  Surat is located on the banks of the river Tapti.
                                                             aspati ghee is Hydrogen.
   l  Ethnic group Mongoloids are found in India in
      North-eastern region.                             Biology
Polity and Constitution                                    l An ecosystem consists of a living community
   l  The Parliament can legislate on subjects given         and its environment.
      in the Union List only in consultation with the      l An insect-catching plants is Australian Acacia.
      State Government for the State of Jammu &            l The method not used as a Biological control is
      Kashmir.                                               Use of Pesticides.
   l  The States in India are demanding greater au-
                                                           l A wisdom tooth is the 3rd molar teeth.
      tonomy from the center in the Legislative, Ad-
      ministrative and Financial field.                    l The tusk of elephant is an enormously enlarged
   l  Shujaat Bukhari has not been an interlocutor           upper incisor.
      on Jammu & Kashmir.                                  l Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of Vita-
   l  President is the Supreme Commander -in-Chief           min-C.
      of armed forces of the country.
                                                           l Male (Anopheles) mosquito feeds on blood of
   l  The National Development Council includes
      Chief Ministers of all the states.                     man.