l  Guru Gopinath was an exponent of Kathakali         Polity and Constitution
                      Success Tip                           l  The Planning Commission of India was estab-
 Guru Gopinath was an Indian classical dancer,                 lished in the year 1950.
 Kathakali maste and mentor of a relatively new cre-                           Success Tip
 ative modern dancing style called Kerala Natanam
                                                          The Planning Commission of India was set up on 15
   l The Nobel Prize for Physics for the year 2016 has    March 1950 with Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
      been awarded to David Thouless, Duncan              as the chairman
      Haldane and Michael Kosterlitz
                                                            l  The term of Finance Commission is five year.
        FCI Assistant Grade-3 Exam                                             Success Tip
             Held on: 05.02.2012                          As per the constitution, the commission is appoint-
                                                          ed every five year and consists of a chairman and
Ancient History                                           four other members.
   l  Seleucas Nicator was defeated by Chandragup-          l  Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the chairman of the
      ta Maurya.                                               Constituent Assembly.
   l  The striking feature of the Indus Valley Civiliza-                       Success Tip
      tion was urban civilization.                        Dr. Sachchidanand Sinha was the first president
   l  After Alexander’s death the eastern part of his     (temporary chairman) of the constituent Assembly
      empire came under Seleucus Nicator                  when it met on December 9, 1946. Dr. Rajendra Pras-
                                                          ad then became the President of the Constituent
                      Success Tip
 After the death of Alexander, Seleucus was nomi-
                                                            l  Fundamental Duties were added to the Constitu-
 nated as the satrap of Babylon in 320 BC
                                                               tion by 42nd Amendment
Medieval History                                                               Success Tip
   l  The famous Bhakti Saint who belonged to the         42nd Amendment was held in 1976 upon the recom-
      royal family of Mewar was Meerabai.                 mendation of Swarna Singh Committee.
                      Success Tip                           l  The final authority to interpret our constitu-
 Meerabai, a Rajput princess was born in Kudki (Kur-           tion is the Supreme Court of India
 ki), a small village near Merta City, which is pres-       l  Compared with society, the scope of state activ-
 ently in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan in north-           ity is wider.
 west India.                                                                   Success Tip
Modern History                                            State is the conceptual unit of politics, the most
                                                          inclusive organization in any society that is recog-
   l  The Governor-General who abolished the prac-        nized as having final say.
      tice of Sati was William Bentinck.
                                                            l  Initiative method is used to ascertain the pub-
General Geography                                              lic opinion on important legislation
   l  Guwahati is situated on the bank of the river                            Success Tip
      Brahmaputra.                                        In Political Science, an initiative (also known as a
   l  Kanchenjunga is situated in Sikkim.                 popular or citizen’s initiative) is a means by which a
                      Success Tip                         petition signed by a certain minimum number of
                                                          registered voters can force a public vote.
 Kanchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the
 world, located along the India-Nepal border in the      Economy
 Himalayas.                                                 l  The value of a commodity expressed in terms of
   l  Bhutan, China And Myanmar have Arunachal                 money is known as Price.
      Pradesh as a common border                            l  The Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in
   l  As per studies, the Tummalapaile mine in                 1949.
      Andhra Pradesh could have Uranium reserve of
      1.5 lakh tonnes.
   l  Green Revolution was started in 1960.                 l  A spherical ball made of steel when dropped in
                                                               mercury container will be on the surface of mer-
                      Success Tip                              cury.
 The Green Revolution refers to the increase in food                           Success Tip
 production of no-food items that has significantly
                                                          The ball will float on mercury because of different
 and steadily taken place in India since 1966