l  Tummalapalle, where huge reserves of uranium       Physics
       have been found, as announced by the Atomic
                                                             l  The time period of a seconds pendulum is 2 sec-
       Energy Commission, lies in the state of Andhra           ond
                                                             l  The aperture determines the sharpness of im-
                        Success Tip                             age in a camera
 The Tummalapalle Mine is located in Tummalapalle            l  For a person having hypermetropia, the near
 village in YSR district of Andhra Pradesh                      point is infinite
    l  Four (4) oil refineries are working in Assam State    l  In MRI machine Magnetic waves is used
                        Success Tip                       Chemistry
 Assam’s four oil refineries located in Guwahati, Dig-       l  Stainless steel is an alloy of chromium, carbon
 boi, Golaghat (Numaligarh) and Bongaigaon with a               and iron
 total capacity of 7 million metric tonnes per annum.        l  Amount of water vapour in the atmosphere is
    l  The total number of biosphere reserves present           measured in terms of Humidity
       in India are fifteen                                  l  Raw materials used for the manufacture of glass
    l  Bihar is the most densely populated state in             are sand, sulphur, soda
       India                                                 l  Aluminium powder is used in welding broken
                        Success Tip                             pieces of iron rails and machine parts
 Bihar is most densely populated state of India with      Biology
 1102 persons per kilometer square                           l  The tallest and thickest type of grass is Bamboo
Polity and Constitution                                      l  The process of preventing the birds from flying
                                                                is called brailing
    l  The Preamble to our Constitution makes no
                                                             l  Veins seen in the leaves, serve the function of
       mention of adult franchise
    l  Lok Sabha is popularly elected house of Indian
                                                             l  The edible part of cabbage is vegetative bud
                                                             l  Conduction and respiration process are asso-
    l  Part-4 of the Constitution deals with the Di-
                                                                ciated with plants during dark period
       rective Principle of State Policy
                                                             l  For generation of biogas, the materials common-
                        Success Tip                             ly used are animal wastes
 The Directive Principles of State Policy, embodied in       l  Goiter is caused by the deficiency of Iodine
 Part 4 of the Constitution, are directions given to
                                                                                Success Tip
 the State to guide the establishment of an econom-
 ic and social democracy, as proposed by the Pream-        Worldwide, over 90% cases of goiter are caused by
 ble.                                                      Iodine deficiency
    l  The method of democratic socialism are Persua-        l  Edward Jenner invented vaccination
       sion and propaganda                                Miscellaneous
Economy                                                      l  The Vikram Sarabhai Space Center is located at
    l  Per capita income is equal to = National In-
       come Total Population of the country                  l  The symbols used in an assembly language are
    l  President appoints the Finance Commission
                                                             l  The ‘NOSHADE’ attribute in HTML displays the
                        Success Tip                             line in dark grey
 It is established under Article 280 of the Indian Con-      l  According to the census data released in July
 stitution.                                                     2011, the fall in child sex ratio in rural areas as
    l  A favourable balance of Trade of a country im-           compared to urban areas is four time
       plies that exports are greater than imports           l  The Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix was held in
    l  The objective of ‘Jawahar Rojgar Yojana’ is to,          Greater Noida
       provide employment to youth in rural areas,           l  Nautanki, a folk dance is related to the state of
       create employment opportunities for unem-                Uttar Pradesh
       ployed person, strengthen the rural econom-                              Success Tip
       ic and social structure
                                                           Nautanki’s origins lie in the folk performance tradi-
    l  The Annapurna Scheme was implemented in the         tions of Bhagat and Raasleela of Mathura and Vrind-
       year 2000                                           aban in Utter Pradesh