Success Tip                            l  The ‘break-even’ point is where total revenue
 The Indian Councils Act 1909, commonly known as                equals total cost
 the Morley-Minto Reforms                                    l  Rate of interest is determined by Liquidity pref-
   l  The two states which had non-congress Minis-
      tries in 1937 were Bengal and Punjab                   l  In the budget, 2011 the finance minister had
                                                                announced that an international award with
Physical Geography                                              prize money of 1 1 crore is being instituted in
   l  Generally, the soil of the northern plains of In-         memory of Rabindranath Tagore for promoting
      dia has been formed by aggradation                        Universal Brotherhood
   l  Desert is the most stable eco-system.                  l  Coverage of Fasal Bima Yojana to go up from 30
   l  Sea breeze is formed during Day Time                      percent of cropped area, to 40 percent in 2017-
                                                                18, 50 percent in 2018-19
   l  70%, percentage of world’s freshwater is stored
      as glacial ice                                     Physics
   l  A geostationary satellite revolves round the earth     l  Sound travels fastest in Steel
      from West to East                                      l  The rear side of the moon was photographed by
   l  The coral reefs are the marine counterparts of            Luna 3
      Tropical rain forests
                                                                                Success Tip
General Geography                                         Luna 3 or E-2A No.1 was a Soviet spacecraft launched
   l  Gujarat has the longest coastline                   in 1959 as part of the Luna Programme. It was the
   l  Crops                       Producing state         first-ever mission to photograph the far side of the
      TeaAssam                                            Moon
      Sugarcane                   Uttar Pradesh              l  The first electronic digital computer contain
      Groundnut                   Gujarat                       valves
      Apple                       Himachal Pradesh           l  Lambert’s law is related to Illumination
   l  Tapti river of India does not make delta.              l  Sir Frank Whittle invented the Jet Engine
Polity and Constitution                                  Chemistry
   l  The method of Impeachment of the President of          l  Hard steel contains 0.5 to 1.5 per cent carbon
      India is adopted from U.S.A                            l  Cement is formed by strongly heating a mixture
   l  In the 8th schedule of the Constitution of India,         of Limestone and Clay
      Sindhi, Konkani, Manipuri and Nepali lan-              l  Glass is a super cooled liquid
      guages were added subsequently.                        l  The temperature of oxy-acetylene flame is around
                      Success Tip                               3200 degree C
                                                             l  The refrigerant ‘FREON’ is Difluoro Dichloro
 14 languages were initially included in the Consti-
 tution. Sindhi language was added in 1967. There-
 after three more languages viz., Konkani, Manipuri                             Success Tip
 and Nepali were included in 1992. Subsequently           They are stable, nonflammable, moder -ately toxic
 Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali were added in         gases or liquids which have typically been used
 2004.                                                    as refrigerants and as aerosol propellants
   l  Indian Parliament Means President of India-
      Rajya Sabha- Lok Sabha
   l  The maximum limit on poll expenditure for par-         l  An example of false fruit is Apple
      liamentary constituencies was raised in March,         l  Normal fasting blood sugar level per 100 ml. of
      2014 to 70 lakhs                                          blood in man is 80-100 mg
                      Success Tip                            l  The vector of disease sleeping sickness is Tsetse
 70 Lakh for NCT of Delhi, 54 Lakh for Arunachal                fly
 Pradesh, Goa, Sikkim and other union territories            l  Echo location is used by Bats or dolphins to
                                                                find prey, predators or obstacles
   l  The reserve held by commercial banks over and
      above the statutory minimum, with the RBI are          l  Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan
      called Excess Reserves                                    these four countries are called the Asian Tigers
   l  Ministry of Finance is authorized to issue coins       l  Dinosaurs have been extinct about 65 million
      in India                                                  years