Physics                                                    SSC Combined Graduate Level Tier-1
   l  Optical fibres are based on the phenomenon of               Exam Held on: 26.06.2011
      Total Internal Reflection
   l  Now a days yellow lamps are frequently used as     Ancient History
      street lights. Sodium gases is used in these lamps    l  The Greek ambassador sent to Chandragupta
   l  ‘Mirage’ is an example of refraction and total           Maurya’s court was Megasthenes.
      internal reflection of light
   l  The phenomenon of light associated with the        Medieval History
      appear ance of blue colour of the sky is Scat-        l  Shivaji obtained cannons and ammunition from
      tering                                                   The Portuguese.
Chemistry                                                Modern History
   l  Lens is made up of a Flint glass                      l  Disraeli admitted the Revolt of 1857 as a na-
   l  The element which is used for vulcanizing rub-           tional revolt.
      ber is Sulphur                                                           Success Tip
   l  Borax is responsible for the extra strength of
                                                          Benjamin Disraeli was a British politician and writer
      Pyrex glass
                                                          who twice served as Prime Minister of the United
   l  The noble gas used for the treatment of cancer
      is Radon
   l  Vasundhara Summit was held in Brazil                  l  The call of “Back to the Vedas” was given by
                                                               Swami Dayanand Saraswati.
                                                                               Success Tip
   l  Ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth
                                                          Satyarth Prakash was written by Swami Dayanand
   l In coriander, the useful parts are leaves & dried
                                                          Saraswati which contributed to the Indian indepen-
                                                          dence movement.
   l Amla is called ‘Herbal Indian Doctor’
   l The pH of human blood is 7.4                           l  Simon Commission was boycotted by the na-
   l Thyroid is largest endocrine gland in the body            tionalist leaders of India because all the num-
   l Whale is the largest mammal                               bers of the Commission were English.
   l Second incisor becomes modified as the tusk of         l  Sir Edward Lutyens was the architect of North
      elephant                                                 and South Blocks of the Central Secretariat in
   l Edward Jenner had invented vaccination for                Delhi.
      ‘Small Pox’                                        Physical Geography
   l BT seed is associated with Cotton
                                                            l  The lowest layer of the atmosphere is Trop-os-
                       Success Tip                             phere.
 BT stands for Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium          l  1/5th of the Earth’s land surface is desert.
 that produces toxins harmful to a variety of insects,
                                                            l  The atmospheric air is held to the Earth by grav-
 including bollworms that attack cotton.
Miscellaneous                                               l  The strong earthquake-cum-tsunami which has
   l  spreadsheet software is more useful in the area          moved Japan’s main island by a few feet and
      of Statistics                                            has caused the Earth’s axis to wobble is expect-
   l  The nuclear reactors which were damaged heavily          ed to lead to the shortening of the day by 1.6
      due to a strong Earthquake cum Tsunami that              microseconds.
      hit Japan on March 11, 2011 causing radiation      General Geography
      leakage were at Fukushima                             l  The Konkan Railway connects Roha Mangalore.
   l  The book ‘Witness the Night’ has been written
      by Kishwar Desai                                                         Success Tip
   l  Yakshagana folk/ tribal dance is associated with    It is operated by Konkan Railway Corpo-ration,
      Karnataka                                           headquartered at CBD Belapur in Navi Mumbai
   l  Abhishek Pandit and Chandra Shekhar Prasad            l  Nellore is called the ‘shrimp capital of India’.
      received Sangeet Natak Akademi’s Ustad Bismill-       l  River Indus originates from Kailash range.
      ah Khan Yuva Puraskar for 2016 in Theatre             l The word’s only floating national park is situat-
   l  South Africa did not win any of the “FIFA World          ed in Manipur.
      Cup” in 2002, 2006 & 2010                                                Success Tip
   l  The Headquarters of International Atomic En-
                                                           The Keibul Lamjao National Park is a national park
      ergy Agency is in Vienna
                                                          in the Bishnupur district of the state of Manipur