l  The ‘Rediscovery of India’ is written by Megh-      l  The oldest international airline is Dutch. KLM
      nad Desai                                                              Success Tip
   l  Chief Guest on the 68th Republic Day was          KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carrier airline
      Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohammed bin            of the Netherlands
      Zayed Al Nahyan
   l  Serena Williams is one of the top ranked sports- Polity and Constitution
      women of Tennis                                     l  Right to Constitutional Remedies was described
   l  Grammy Award is given in the field of Music            by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the ‘heart and soul’ of
   l  Australia has won the Hop -man Cup 2016                the Constitution.
                                                                             Success Tip
     SSC Combined Graduate Level
                                                        Article 32 of the Indian constitution provides for
   Tier-1 Exam Held on: 19.06.2011                      constitutional remedies against the violation or
Ancient History                                         transgression of fundamental rights
                                                          l  Law and Order is not the concern of the local
  1. Fa-hien visited India during the reign of Chan-
      dragupta II
                                                          l  In India, the concept of single citizenship is
                     Success Tip                             adopted from England
 FA-HIEN (A.D. 399-414), was Chinese Buddhist             l  Jaya Prakash Narayan had proposed party less
 monk.                                                       democracy in India
                                                          l  Disinvestment in Public Sector is called Priva-
Medieval History                                             tisation
  1. Guru Hargovind called himself the ‘Sachcha           l  An individual’s actual standard of living can be
      Badshah’                                               assessed by Disposable Personal Income
                     Success Tip                          l  600 is the maximum strength prescribed for State
 Guru Hargobind was the sixth of the Sikh gurus.             Legislative Assemblies
 He was barely eleven years old when he became Guru    Economy
 on 11 June 1606
                                                          l  In the budget for 2017-18, the fiscal deficit (%
   l  At Cassim Bazar in Bengal, the East India Com-         of GDP) for 2017 – 18 has been projected at 3.2%
      pany was given permission to trade and build a     l. As announced by the Finance Minister in his
      factory by the Mughals in 1651.                        Budget speech on 28th February 2011, with a
Modern History                                               view to assist States in modernising their stamp
                                                             and registration administration, E-stamping is
   l  The Civil Disobedience Movement was launched
                                                             expected to rolled out in all the districts of dif-
      by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930
                                                             ferent States in a period of three years
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 Also known as Dandi march. On 12 March, 1930 he
 along with his 78 followers began a march from the       l  Boron can be used to absorb neutrons to con-
 Sabarmati Ashram to “Dandi” on the Gujarat coast            trol the chain reaction during nuclear fission
                                                          l  Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of un-
   l  Bhagat Singh gave the slogan “Inquilab Zinda-
                                                             controlled fusion reaction
                                                          l  Supersonic jet causes pollution by thinning of
Physical Geography                                           Ozone layer
   l  Troposphere is the hottest part of the atmo-        l  OTEC stands for Ocean Thermal Energy Con-
      sphere because it is heated by the Earth’s sur-        version
      face                                                l  Fission reaction produces the most harmful ra-
   l  The outermost layer of the Sun is called Corona        diation
                                                          l  Fibre glass is used for making glass reinforced
General Geography                                            plastic
   l  Diu is an island off Gujarat                        l  Cadmium causes Rai-Rai disease
   l  Aral Sea is a land locked sea                       l  Glycol is added to aviation gasoline because it
                     Success Tip                             prevents freezing of petrol
 The Aral Sea was an endorheic lake lying between Ka-  Biology
 zakhstan in the north and Uzbekistan in the south.       l  ‘Darwin finches’ refers to a group of Birds
   l  Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of       l  The dried flower buds are used as a spice in Cloves
      river Cauvery                                       l  The tissue in man where no cell division occurs
   l  The position of Indian Railways network in the         after birth is nerves
      world is fourth