Coconut-Kerala                                     Physics
      Sugarcane – Uttar Pradesh                            l  A metal plate with a circular hole at the centre
   l  Those who cultivate the land of others is termed        is heated. What will happen to the area of the
      as coltivators.                                         hole Increase
   l  Silent Valley is situated in Kerala                  l  The period of revolution of a geostationary sat-
   l  Mettur is Dam, generated electricity from hydel         ellite is 24 hours
      power.                                               l  A piece of paper and a cricket ball are dropped
                      Success Tip                             from the same height, both reach the surface
 Mettur Dam is on Cauvery River.                              simultaneously if they dropped in vacuum
                                                           l  A rocket works on the principle of conservation
Polity and Constitution                                       of Linear momentum
   l  The term of the Lok Sabha extended up to 6 years     l  The frequency of ultrasound wave is typically
      only once                                               Above 20,000 kHz
   l  The practice of Shadow Cabinet originated in
      Great Britain
                                                           l  Cokking gas is a mixture of butane and pro-
   l  Sarkaria Commission was constituted to give its
      report on Centre -State relations
                                                           l  Dry powder fire extinguishers contain sand and
                      Success Tip                             sodium bicarbonate
 Sarkaria Commission was set up in June 1983               l  Quartz glass is used for making glass reinforced
   l Article 51 A of the Constitution deals with the          plastic
      Fundamental Duties                                   l  Two elements which are used to absorb neutrons
                                                              to control the chain reaction during nuclear fis-
                      Success Tip                             sion are Boron and Cadmium
 There are 11 Fundamental Duties in Article 51 A,          l  The most commonly used chemicals in the arti-
 11th Fundamental Duty [51-1(K)] was added by the             ficial rainmaking or cloud seeding are Silver Io-
 86th Constitutional Amend-ment Act, 2002.                    dide (Agl)
   l  In Golaknath Case the Supreme Court restored         l  Chocolates can be bad for health because of a
      the primacy of the Fundamental Rights over the          high content of Nickel
      Directive Principles of State Policy               Biology
   l  The essential qualification for appointment as       l  The weight of an average human brain is about
      a Judge of the Supreme Court of India Should            1.46 kg
      be at least 35 years of age
                                                           l  The animal which can tolerate more summer heat
Economy                                                       is Goat
   l  Consequent upon the recommendations of the           l  According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, long
      Working Group on Rural Banks, 5 Rural Re-               necks in giraffes arose because of constant at-
                                                              tempt to reach leaves on tall trees, genera-
      gional Banks were initially set up in the year
                                                              tion after generation
                                                           l  Rickets is the deficiency disease of Vitamin D,
   l  Poverty in less developed countries is largely due
                                                              which affect the bone
      to income inequality.
   l  Among the tax revenues of the Union Govern-        Miscellaneous
      ment, the most important source is Union Ex-         l  Karl Marx’s book ‘Das capital’ was published in
      cise Duties                                             1867
   l  There was a substantial increase in food grains      l  India joined the United Nations in 1945
      production specially wheat production, during        l  Click jacking is a Malicious technique of trick-
      the period after 1966                                   ing Web user into revealing confidential in-
   l  Delhi has the maximum number of registered
                                                           l  India signed civil nuclear deal with Japan in
      vehicles on the road
                                                              November, 2016
   l  The Bhilai Steel Plant has been established with     l  Nasim Zaidi is the current Chief Election Com-
      the assistance of Russia                                missioner
                      Success Tip                                             Success Tip
  It was set up with the help of the USSR in 1955         Other two Election Commissioners are Achal Ku-
   l  Cheap Money means low rate of interest              mar Jyoti and Om Prakash Rawat.