l In the context of the stock market, IPO stands            Shovana Narayan- Kathak Dancing
    for Initial Public Offer                                  Adoor Gopalakrishnan- Films
Physics                                                    l  The book ‘Cricket My Style’ has been written by
                                                              Kapil Dev
  l The centre of gravity of a sprinter during the race
                                                           l  Nauru is the name of the world’s smallest re-
    lies ahead of his feat.
                                                              public which has an area of 21 sq. km only
  l Electron microscope was discovered by Knoll and
    Ruska                                                     SSC CPO Sub-Inspector Exam
Chemistry                                                            Held on: 12.12.2010
  l Galena is a mineral of Lead.
  l Magnalium is an alloy of Aluminium and Mag-         Medieval History
    nesium.                                                l  After the death of Rajaram in 1700 A.D., Mar-
  l Galvanization of Iron is carried out using Zinc.          athas continued the war against the Mughals
  l Country which launched the world’s first satel-           under his brave wife Tarabai
    lite dedicated to monitoring Green House Gas           l  The credit of discovering the sea route of India
    emission is Japan.                                        goes to the Portuguese
Biology                                                 Modern History
  l Bacteria was first discovered by A.V. Leeuwen-         l  The headquarters of the Ghadar Party was at
    hoek.                                                     San Francisco
  l The disease that is caused by virus is common
                                                                              Success Tip
                                                         Key members included Lala Har Dayal, Sohan Singh
  l The locomotory organ of ‘Amoeba’ is Pseudo-po-
                                                         Bhakna, Kartar Singh Sarabha, Abdul Hafiz Mo-
                                                         hamed Barakatullah and Rashbehari Bose
  l The numbers of chromosome present in normal
    human being are 46.                                    l  Hardayal, an intellectual giant, was associated
                                                              with Ghadar Movement
  l An instrument for measuring blood pressure is
    called Sphygmomanometer.                               l  The song Jana Gana Mana’ composed by Rabin-
                                                              dra Nath Tagore was first published in January
  l The tern ‘Rh factor’ refers to Rhesus factor.
                                                              1912 under the title of Bharat Vidhata
  l The discoverer of penicillin was Alexander Flem-
                                                           l  On imprisonment in 1908 by the British, Bal
                                                              GangadharTilak was sent to Mandalay
  l Blood groups were discovered by Landsteiner
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Miscellaneous                                            In his newspaper Kesari, Tilak defended Prafulla
  l The author of the book titled “The Future of In-     Chaki and Khudiram Bose and called for immediate
    dia” is Bimal Jalan.                                 swaraj. This was followed by the immediate arrest of
  l Manmohan Singh had declared an Indian River          Tilak by the British on charges of sedition.
    as the ‘National River’. The name of that river is
    Ganga.                                              Physical Geography
  l The Governor of Rajasthan is Mr. Kalyan Singh.         l  Indian desert is called Thar
  l Lectures on Jurisprudence famous books is                                 Success Tip
    associated with Austin
                                                         Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert,
  l XXI Commonwealth Games, 2018 will be held            is a large, arid region in the north western part of
    on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia             the Indian subcontinent that forms a natural bound-
  l Charles Babbage is called the Father of Com-         ary between India and Pakistan
  l Books and their authors:                            General Geography
    The Satanic- Salman Rushdie                            l  The satellite launching centre of India located
    A House for Mr. Biswas- V.S. Naipaul                      in Sriharikota
    Interpreter of Maladies- Jhumpa Lahiri                                    Success Tip
    Sunny Days- Sunil Gavaskar                           Sriharikota is a barrier island off the Bay of Bengal
  l Personalities with the activity they are associ-     coast located in the state of Andhra Pradesh.
    ated with :                                            l  States Known For
    Mark Spitz- Swimming                                      Tea Assam
    Sabeer Bhatia- Software Industry                          Groundnut- Gujarat