l Only two members of the Anglo-Indian commu-
 SSC SAS Exam Held on: 26.06.2010                                  nity can be nominated by the President of India
                                                                   to the Parliament.
Ancient History
                                                                 l Gandhi’s definition of Rama Raj is the great-
   l  True statements about the Guptas                             est good for all.
      ä          They ruled mainly over parts of north and       l Impeachment of the president can initiate, 1/
                 central India.                                    4th members of either house of the Parlia-
        ä        Kingship was hereditary and the throne al-        ment.
                 ways went to the eldest son.
          ä      The judicial system was for more developed
                 than in earlier times.                          l The presence of a parallel economy or black
   l        Sanskrit grammar was written by Panini.                money makes the monetary policies less ef-
                            Success Tip
                                                                 l Taxes on advertisement are levied and collect-
 PaGini is known for his text Ashtadhyayi, a sutra-
                                                                   ed by the centre but their net proceeds are whol-
 style treatise on Sanskrit grammar.
                                                                   ly transferred to the state.
Medieval History                                                 l Census of population in India is done after ev-
   l        The first Indian Hindi Scholar of the Mughal           ery 10 years.
            period was Malik Muhammad Jayasi.                    l When the price of a commodity falls, we can
                                                                   expect the demand for it to increase.
 Success Tip: His most famous work is Padmavat.
                                                                 l Satyam has been merged with software compa-
   l  The Upanishads were translated by Dara Shikoh                ny Tech Mahindra.
      in Persian Under the title of Sirr-i-Akbar.                l The bank cheques are processed by using MICR.
Modern History                                                   l According to Suresh Tendulkar committee on
   l        The Dewan of Travancore was the first to sign          Bellow Poverty Line (BPL) number is 38%.
      the ‘Instrument of Accession’.                           Physics
Physical Geography                                               l If a boy sitting in a train, which is moving at a
   l        The ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’ is associated with vol-     constant velocity, throws a ball straight up into
            canoes and earthquakes.                                the air, the ball will fall into his hand.
                                                                 l Intensity of gravitational field of earth is maxi-
General Geography                                                  mum at the pole.
   l        River Tapti forms an Estuary.                        l The spokes used in wheel of the bicycle increase
                            Success Tip                            its Moment of Inertia.
 Flows between the Godavari and Narm-ada rivers.                 l A transformer works on the principle of Mutual
   l        Correctly Matched                                      Induction.
            Country                        Mineral             Chemistry
            Russia                         Nickel                l German silver, an alloy, does not contain the
            Mexico                         Silver                  metal Silver.
            Bolivia                        Tin                   l Sulphur is added to make natural rubber more
            U.S.A.                         Copper                  strong and bouncy.
   l        The leading producer of aluminium in the world       l Detergents are sodium salts of sulphonic acids.
            is Jamaica.                                          l The noble gas used in radiotherapy is radon.
   l        According to a report in the science journal ‘Na-    l Steel contains 0.1-2 % carbon.
            ture Geoscience‘ twenty-four out of thirty-three
                                                                 l The chemical most commonly used for cloud
            deltas in the world are shrinking and thus
            shrinking. The Indian delta in the ‘Greater Per-       seeding or ‘artificial rainmaking is Silver Iodide.
            il’ category is Mahanadi.                          Biology
   l        Manas Sanctuary in Assam is known for ele-           l Oxygen which is vital for life is a product of
            phant.                                                 photosynthesis and comes from water.
Polity and Constitution                                          l Clove, the commonly used spice, obtained from
   l        The Idea of ‘Directive Principle of State Policy’      its flower bud.
            was borrowed by the framers of the Indian            l Chewing gum is made from latex.
            Constitution from the Constitution of the Re-        l The brain of human adult weighs about 1200-
            public of Ireland.                                     1300 gm.