Modern History                                            l TRIPS and TRIMS are the terms associated with
  l  India attained ‘Dominion Status’ on 15th Au-
     gust, 1947.                                          l Economic Outlook is released by PM’s Economic
                                                            Advisory Council.
  l  Lord Dalhousie is associated with Doctrine of
     Lapse.                                               l India and U.S. have decided to finalize agree-
                                                            ments related to trade and Investment, intel-
                     Success Tip                            lectual property and traditional knowledge.
 Satara (1848) was the first state captured under         l The exchange of commodities between two coun-
 Doctrine of Lapse.                                         tries is referred as bilateral trade.
Physical Geography                                      Physics
  l  Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by        l The acceleration due to gravity at the equator is
     afforestation.                                         less than that at the poles.
  l  The age of the Earth can be determined by Ra-        l Angle of friction and angle of repose are equal
     dio-Metric Dating.                                     to each other.
General Geography                                       Chemistry
  l  Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra              l Silver halides are used in photographic plates
     form part of Narmada River basin.                      because they are Soluble in hypo solution.
  l  Eratosthenes coined the word ‘Geography’.            l Tetra Ethyl Lead (TEL) is an antiknock com-
  l  Western Ghats is called the ‘ecological hot spot       pound.
     of India’.                                           l Curie point is the temperature at which Trans-
                                                            mutation of metal occurs.
Polity and Constitution
                                                          l The isotope used for the production of atomic
  l  Despotism is possible in a one party state.            energy is U-235.
  l  Judiciary is the guardian of Fundamental Rights.     l Electron is not a nucleon.
  l  Sarkaria Commission was concerned with Cen-          l The material used in the manufacture of lead
     tre-State relations.                                   pencil is Graphite.
  l  The Speaker of the Lok Sabha has to address          l Cement was discovered by Joseph Aspdin.
     his/her letter of resignation to Deputy Speak-
     er of Lok Sabha.                                   Biology
  l  A Presidential Ordinance can remain in force for     l The RBCs agglutinate to a person who receives
     six months.                                            the wrong type of blood.
  l  The declaration that Democracy is a Government       l NIS stands for National Immunisation Sched-
     ‘of the people, by the people; for the people’ was     ule.
     made by Abraham Lincoln.                             l If all bullets could not be removed from gunshot
                                                            injury of a man, it may cause poisoning by Lead.
                                                          l Ringworm is fungal disease.
  l  A want becomes a demand only when it is backed
                                                          l Pituitary gland is situated in the base of the
     by the Utility of the product.                         brain.
  l  The terms ‘Micro Economics’ and ‘Macro Eco-
     nomics’ were coined by Ragner Frisch.              Miscellaneous
  l  During period of inflation, tax rates should In-     l Marx belonged to Germany.
     crease.                                              l Processor’s speed of a computer is measured in
  l  Banking sector is the biggest tax paying sector        Hertz.
     in India.                                            l ‘C’ language is a High level language.
  l  ”Economics is what it ought to be.”—This state-      l Sumatra was a victim of massive earthquake in
     ment refers to Normative economics.                    2004.
  l  The excess of price a person is to pay rather than   l The first nonstop air conditioned ‘DURANTO’
     forego the consumption of the commodity is             train was flagged off between Sealdah—New Del-
     called Producers’ surplus.                             hi.
  l  According to RBI’s Report on the trend and           l India has recently become the third largest mar-
     progress of banking, the Non-performing Assets         ket for Twitter.
     (NPA’s) in India for 2015-16 for Indian Banks in     l The art and science of map making is called
     2015 have stood at 7%.                                 Cartography.