Physical Geography                                        l Noise is measured in Decibel.
                                                          l The bats can fly in the dark because they gen-
  l Seismic sea waves which approach the coasts at
                                                            erate ultrasonic sound waves.
    greater force are known as Tsunami.
  l Depression formed due to deflating action of          l No change will happen when a bowl of ice and
    winds is called Yardang.                                water kept at exactly zero degree Celsius.
  l The land of maximum biodiversity is Tropical.       Chemistry
  l Heat transfer horizontally within the atmosphere
                                                          l One of the constituents of tear gas is Chloro-
    is called Convection.
  l Proxima Centaur is the second nearest star to
                                                          l An atomic clock is based on transitions in Cae-
    the Earth after the Sun.
General Geography                                         l       Chemical name of vinegar is Acetic acid.
  l Indian Standard Time relates to 82.5° E longi-        l Properties of heavy water-
    tude.                                                   ä         Density of heavy water is higher than that of
  l The forest in Sunderban is called Mangrove.                       ordinary water
                                                              ä       Freezing point of heavy water is higher than
Polity and Constitution                                               that of ordinary water
  l The term ‘Caste’ was derived from Portuguese.               ä     It produces corrosion
    The term “Greater India” denotes Cultural uni-
  l The Directive Principles of State Policy was adopt-   l       A vitamin requires cobalt for its activity. The
    ed from the Irish Constitution.                               vitamin is Vitamin B12.
  l The two forms of democracy are Parliamentary          l       Plasma membrane in eukaryotic cells is made
    and Presidential.                                             up of Phospholipid.
  l Planning Commission is an extra-Constitution-         l       Mitochondrion is also called the ‘power plants’
    al body.                                                      of the cell.
  l The Prime Minister of India is Elected.               l       In the process of Respiration energy is released.
  l Indian Administration Service, Indian Police          l       Animals living in the three trunks are known as
    Service and Indian Forest Service are All In-                 Arboreal.
    dia Services.
Economy                                                   l       Pankaj Advani has won 16th world title over-
  l Formalised system of trading agreements with                  all.
    groups of countries is known as Trading blocks.       l       The Messenger Satellite launched by NASA is to
  l Expenditure method, Product method and In-                    study Mercury.
    come method are the methods of estimating             l       Red Rose was the name of the ship that sank
    National Income.
                                                                  near the Paradip Port in September, 2009 caus-
  l The monetary policy is India is formulated by
                                                                  ing an oil spill.
    Reserve Bank of India.
  l A short-term government security paper is called      l       Manoj Kumar has been honoured with the pres-
    Treasury bill.                                                tigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award for 2016.
  l WTO basically promotes multilateral trade.            l       An Intelligent terminal has a microprocessor,
  l Under Monopolistic competition firms have ex-                 but cannot be programmed by the user.
    cess capacity.                                        l       Ravichandran Ashwin has won the ‘ICC Crick-
  l Price theory is also known as Micro Econom-                   eter of the Year Award’ for the year 2016.
  l At present, India is following Floating exchange     SSC Combined Graduate Level Prelim
    rate.                                                            Exam Held on: 16.05.2010
  l National Income is the Net National Product
    at factor cost.                                     Ancient History
Physics                                                   l       The monk who influenced Ashoka to embrace
  l A concave lens always forms an image which is                 Buddhism was Upa Gupta.
    virtual and erect.
                                                          l       Harshavardhana was defeated by Pulakesin II.
  l The modulus of rigidity is the ratio of Volume
    stress to volume strain.                            Medieval History
  l The propagation of sound waves in a gas involves      l       The Lodi dynasty was founded by Bahlol Lodi.
    adiabatic compression and rarefaction.
  l If input frequency of a full wave rectifier be n,             Success Tip: From 1451 to 1526
    then output frequency would be 2n.                    l       Akbar was an illiterate.