l  The two medals that Indians won at Rio Olym-    Physical Geography
     pics 2016 were in Wrestling and in Badminton.
                                                       l Fog is an example ofLiquid dispersed in gas.
  l  Garba is a dance form of Gujarat.
                                                       l Aral Sea is a landlocked sea.
  l  China has become the world leader in the car-
                                                       l Isohyetsrepresent the lines joining the places
     bon credit business.
                                                         of equal rainfall.
  l  Milkha Singh is named as the Flying Sikh of
                                                       l Equator representsImaginary line passing
                                                         round the Earth midway between North & South
  l   For 3 categories, A. R. Rehman, the Golden
     Globe Award Winner for original sound track in
     the film ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ had been nomi-    l Global warming is expected to result in Increase
     nated at the Oscars.                                in level of sea, Change in crop pattern and
                                                         Change in coast line.
  l  The train service—‘Thar Express’ between India
     and Pakistan, originates in India from Barmer.    l Pulsars are rapidly spinning stars.
  l  Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami (Posthu-            l Biggest planet of solar system is Jupiter.
     mous) was awarded ‘Ashok Chakra’ on 26th Jan-     l The ozone hole that has been detected lies in
     uary, 2016.                                         the atmosphere above Antarctica.
  l   Prime Minister laid the wreath at the ‘Amar    General Geography
     Jawan Jyoti’ (India Gate) on 26th January 2016.
                                                       l Namdhapa National Park         is in Arunachal
      SSC CPO Sub-Inspecor Exam
                                                       l Tehri Hydropower Complex       is located On the
            Held on: 06.09.2009                          Bhagirathi River.
Medieval History                                       l Sea Ports                      States
  l  Vijay Stambha at Chittor was built by Rana          (a) Bhatkal                    Karnataka
     Kumbha.                                             (b) Alleppey                   Kerala
  l  AbulFazalwrote Akbarnama.                           (c) Kakinada                   Andhra Pradesh
                                                         (d) Tuticorin                  Tamil Nadu
Modern History
  l  Bhagwat Gita was called his ‘mother’ by Gan-
                                                     Polity and Constitution
     dhiji.                                            l RashtrapatiBhawan was designed by Edwin Lu-
  l  ‘The Quit India Movement’ was launched in 1942      tyens.
     in the month of August.                           l The Panchayati Raj System was introduced in
  l  Column-I                      Column-II             1959 A.D.
     (a) KeshabSen                 BrahmoSamaj         l Dr. S. Radhakrishnanheld the office of the Vice-
     (b) DayanandSaraswati         AryaSamaj             President of India for two consecutive terms.
     (c) AtmaramPandurang          PrarthanaSamaj      l 42nd Amendment of the Indian Constitution
                                                         inserted the two words—‘Socialist’ and ‘Secu-
     (d) Syed Ahmad Khan           Aligarh Movement
                                                         lar’ in the Preamble.
  l  George Yulewas the first English President of
     the Indian National Congress.                     l When there is a vacancy in the office of the Pres-
                                                         ident and the Vice President at the same time,
                    Success Tip
                                                         the office is held temporarily by The Chief Jus-
George Yule was a Scottish businessman who be-           tice of India.
came the fourth President of INC in 1888,the first
                                                       l The Constitution of India came into force on 26
non-Indian to hold that office.
                                                         January, 1950.
  l  DadabhaiNaoroji is known as ‘Grand Old Man
     of India’.                                        l Mrs. Sarojini Naidu was the first Woman Gov-
                                                         ernor of a State in free India.
  l  The pledge for ‘PoornaSwaraj’ was taken at the
     Congress Session of Lahore.                       l The Parliamentary Committee which scrutinises
                                                         the report of the Comptroller and Auditor Gen-
     Success Tip: on 19 December 1929.
                                                         eral of India is Public Accounts Committee.
  l  National Anthem first sung at 27th December,
     1911 in Calcutta.                                 l Prime Ministeris the Ex-officio Chairman of the
                                                         NITI Aayog.
                    Success Tip
                                                       l 24 spokes are there in the Dharma Chakra of
It was first sung in Calcutta Session of the Indian
                                                         the National Flag.
National Congress on 27 December 1911.