l  List-I                    List-II                      l There is no provision in the Constitution for the
     (a) Tughlaqabad Fort      Ghiyas-ud-din Tughlaq          impeachment of the Governor.
     (b) Red Fort (at Delhi) Shah Jahan                     l The ex-officio Chairman of the Planning Com-
     (c) Hauz Khas             Firoz Shah Tughlaq             mission is the Prime Minister.
     (d) The City of Siri      Alauddin Khilji              l Fundamental Rights are not given to Aliens.
  l  Persons—Events                                         l The tenure of the Prime Minister of India is as
     Sultan Mahmud—Sack of Somnath                            long as he enjoys the support of a majority in
                                                              the Lok Sabha
     Muhammad Bin Tughlaq—Changiz Khan’s in-
     vasion                                                 l Co nsent o f t he p eop le m eans c onse nt
                                                              of Majority of the people.
  l  Correct facts about Taj Mahal
                                                            l Gram Sabha, Gram Panchayat and Nyaya Pan-
     l   It is a magnificent mausoleum
                                                              chayat is Panchayati Raj Institutions.
     l   It was built by Shah Jahan
                                                            l Union Territory               Jurisdiction (High
     l   It is situated outside Agra Fort                                                   Court)
  l  Babar died in Agra.                                      (a) Puducherry                Madras
     Success Tip: 26 December 1530, Agra.                     (b) Andaman and Nicobar Calcutta
Modern History                                                    Islands
                                                              (c) Lakshadweep               Kerala
  l  According to Mahatma Gandhi, Non-violence of
     the brave is the strongest force in the world.           (d) Daman and Diu             Bombay
  l  Chittaranjan Das, Narasimha Chintaman                  l Planning Commission is an extra-constitutional
     Kelkar and Motilal Nehru were members of                 and non-statutory body.
     the Swaraj Party.                                      l Following is true regarding ‘No Confidence Mo-
                                                              tion’ in the Parliament-
                      Success Tip
                                                        ä     There is no mention of it in the Constitution.
 Swaraj Party, established as the Congress-Khilafat
                                                          ä   It can be introduced in the Lok Sabha only.
 Swaraj Party,formed in January 1923.
                                                            l In the State of Uttarakhand President’s Rule
  l  The British introduced the railways in India in          imposed during the month of March 2016.
     order to Facilitate British commerce and ad-
     ministrative control.                            Economy
  l  According to Dadabhai Naoroji ‘Swaraj’ meant           l ‘Jeevan Shikhar’ a scheme related to investment
     Economic independence.                                   and saving was launched during 2016- 17, by LIC.
  l  Gopal Hari Deshmukh the religious reformer of          l Decentralisation was essential for the eco-
     western India was known as ‘Lokhitwadi’.                 nomic development of the country was the
  l  Warren Hastings was the first Governor-Gen-              reason for Gandhiji’s support to decentraliza-
                                                              tion of power.
     eral of Bengal.
                                                            l The present Indian monetary system is based on
     Success Tip: From 1773 to 1785.                          Minimum Reserve System.
Physical Geography                                          l A situation where we have people whose level of
                                                              income is not sufficient to meet the minimum
  l  Epicentre is concerned with Earthquake.                  consumption expenditure is considered as Ab-
  l  Richter scale is used to measure the intensity           solute Poverty.
     of earthquake.                                         l Full convertibility of a rupee means Determ-ina-
  l  Troposphere is the lowest layer of the atmo-             tion of rate of exchange between rupee and
     sphere.                                                  foreign currencies freely by the market forc-
  l  Pluto is farthest from the Earth.                        es of demand and supply.
                                                            l India is called a mixed economy because of the
General Geography                                             existence of Public Sector and Private Sector.
  l  Andhra Pradesh has the longest sea coast.              l The term stagflation refers to a situation where
  l  Tehri dam is built on Bhagirathi River.                  rate of growth is slower than the rate of price
  l  ATM stands for Automatic Teller Machine.                 increase.
                                                            l According to 2011 census, largest state of India,
Polity and Constitution                                       population wise is Uttar Pradesh.
  l  The concept of the Directive Principles of State       l The term ‘Green Revolution’ has been used to
     Policy was borrowed by our Constitution from             indicate higher production through enhanced
     the Constitution of Ireland.                             agricultural productivity per hectare.