l Photo oxidation process is initiated by Light.        l  Book, ‘The Road Ahead’ is written by Bill Gates.
    l Limestone is used in large quantities in Cement       l  The missile Agni II of India is a Surface-to-sur-
      Industry.                                                face missile.
    l The amount of chlorine available in water after       l  S. H. F. J. Manekshaw was the first Field Mar-
      disinfection is called as Residual chlorine.             shal of India.
    l Carbon monoxide and benzene are the major             l  Ben Kingsley played the role of Mahatma Gan-
      pollutants of cigarette smoke.                           dhi in the film Gandhi.
    l Nuclear energy is a mineral based energy source.      l  ‘Mandi House’ in New Delhi houses the Office
      It is derived from Uranium, Thorium and Plu-             of the Director General of Doordarshan.
      tonium.                                               l  The emolument payable to the President has been
Biology                                                        raised to Rs. 150 lakh from Rs. 50,000 per
    l A colour-blind person cannot distinguish be-
                                                            l  Mike Pence is the Republican Party candidate
      tween certain colours.
                                                               for Vice-Presidentship for the next US Election.
    l An ECG shows the functioning of the heart.
                                                            l  Amjad Ali Khan is a maestro with Sarod.
    l The purest form of water is Rainwater.
                                                            l  Kangana Ranaut is the winner of the ‘Best Ac-
    l The main constituent of biogas is Methane.
                                                               tress Award’ at the 63th National Film Awards
    l The most abundant element in the human body              for the year 2016.
      is Oxygen.
                                                            l  NREGP is the abbreviated form of National Ru-
    l Carbon dioxide, Nitric oxide and Chlorofluo-
                                                               ral Employment Guarantee Programme.
      ro-carbon are greenhouse gases.
    l Vegetables are easily perishable because of their                       Success Tip
      high content of Water.                              National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
    l Anaemia occurs due to the deficiency of Folic       (NREGP) was launched on February 2, 2006 by the
      Acid.                                               Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, in Anantapur
    l For a healthy heart, one needs to take a bal-       district.
      anced diet, adequate sleep and Do right amount        l  The venue for the 32nd Olympic Games is To-
      of physical exercise.                                    kyo, Japan.
    l AIDS is a viral disease.                              l  The name of Geet Sethi is associated with Bil-
    l Amoebic dysentery is caused by Entamoeba his-            liards.
      tolytica.                                             l  The highest number of medals in the Rio Olym-
    l DNA test was developed by Dr. Alec Jeffreys.             pic 2016 was won by USA.
Miscellaneous                                               l  The Commonwealth Games 2018 will be held on
                                                               the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia between
    l Bhabha Atomic Research Centre is situated in
                                                               4 and 15 April 2018.
                                                            l  Urjit Singh has been appointed the Governor of
                      Success Tip                              RBI after the retirement of Raghuram Rajan.
 It was established in 1954 to consolidate all the re-      l  2016 Cricketer of the Year is Ravichandran Ash-
 search and development activity for nuclear reac-             win.
 tors and technology under the Atomic Energy Com-
 mission.                                                               SSC Tax Assistnat
    l Japan is not a permanent member of the Secu-             (Income Tax & Central Excise)
      rity Council of the UNO.
                                                                  Exam Held on: 29.03.2009
                      Success Tip
 China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and          Ancient History
 the United States are the Perma-nent Members of            l  The Kalinga War brought about a profound
 the UN Security Council.                                      change in Ashoka’s administrative policy.
    l The first astronaut to walk in outer space is Ale-    l  Nalanda University is located in Bihar.
      ksei Leonov.
                                                                              Success Tip
                      Success Tip                         Nalanda University was made by the Gupta King
 Leonov was one of the 20 Soviet Air Force pilots se-     Kumargupta.
 lected to be part of the first cosmonaut group in
 1960.                                                   Medieval History
    l The full form of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty        l  The traces of Portuguese culture found in India
      Organisation.                                            in Calicut.