l  USA enjoys a federal form of government.                l  According to Keynes, “Interest is a reward for
    l  395 Articles are there in the Indian Constitu-             parting with liquidity”.
       tion.                                                   l  The name given to the common currency of the
    l  Although Union List, State List and Concurrent             European Union is Euro.
       List cover the entire legislative business, yet there   l  The 2011 Census was the 14th Census.
       may be an item not mentioned anywhere, Par-             l  Extension or contraction of quantity demanded
       liament only will legislate on that item.                  of a commodity is a result of a change in the
    l  The most important feature of the Indian Par-              Unit price of the commodity.
       liament is that The Upper House of the Par-             l  Cross elasticity of demand between petrol and
       liament is never dissolved.                                car is Negative.
    l  The 3-tier of the Panchayati Raj System con-            l  The period of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan was
       sists of Gram Sabha, Panchayat Samiti, Zilla               2007 to 2012.
       Parishad.                                               l  For price discrimination to be successful, the
                                                                  elasticity of demand for the product in the two
                       Success Tip                                markets should be Different.
 It was formalized in 1992 by the 73rd amendment to            l  FERA in India has been replaced by FEMA.
 the Indian Constitution.                                      l  Finance Commission is constituted once in five
    l  A Financial Emergency can be declared by ap-               years.
       plying Article 360.                                                        Success Tip
                       Success Tip                            14th Finance Commission Chairman Y. Venugopal
 Article 360- If the President is satisfied that there is     Reddy.
 an economic situation in which the financial sta-             l National Income Estimates in India are prepared
 bility or credit of India is threatened, he or she can           by Central Statistical Organisation.
 declare financial emergency.                                  l The term ‘Mixed Economy’ denotes existence
    l  The President of India can seek re-election to             of both private and public sectors.
       his post any number of times.                           l The Law of Demand expresses effect of change
    l  List-I                   List-II                           in price of a commodity on its demand.
       (a) MP                   Elected by adult voting      Physics
       (b) President            Elected by an Electoral
                                                               l  According to the theory of relativity, Velocity of
       (c) Vice-President       Elected by the Parliament         light always remains constant.
                                College                        l  The spoon dropped by an astronaut in a satel-
       (d) Speaker              Elected by the Lok Sabha          lite will continue to follow the motion of the
    l  Chief Justice of India, Chief of Air Staff and             satellite.
       Chief of Army’s appointments is made by the             l  Pipelines in cold countries often burst in win-
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       President of India.                                        ter, because water freezes and expands in its
                                                               l  When a body is taken from earth to moon,
    l  Production function expresses Technological
                                                                  weight changes but mass remains same.
       relationship between physical inputs and
       output.                                                 l  A mirage occurs because of total internal re-
                                                                  flection by layers of air.
    l  High birth rate and high death rate is not a
       characteristic of the population of a developed         l  Due to low air pressure it is difficult to breathe
       country.                                                   at higher altitudes.
    l  Sixth Plan gave emphasis on removal of poverty        Chemistry
       for the first time.                                     l  The strongest force in nature is Nuclear force.
       Success Tip: Sixth Five Year Plan 1980-85.              l  Atomic power plant works on the principle of
    l  EXIM Policy, 3.28% targeted India’s share of glo-          fission.
       bal trade by 2020.                                      l  Zinc sulphate is commonly used as Fungicide.
                       Success Tip                             l  Aspirin is chemically known as Acetylsalicylic
 EXIM Bank (India) Export–Import Bank of India is
 the premier export finance institution in India, es-          l  Wax used for making candle is chemically a mix-
 tablished in 1982 under Export-Import Bank of In-                ture of Aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.
 dia Act 1981.                                                 l  Litmus is obtained from Lichen.
    l  GDP at Factor Cost is GDP minus indirect tax-           l  Vinegar made by fermentation from cane sugar
       es plus subsidies.                                         contains Acetic acid.