l HYV refers to High yielding variety.               Physics
  l The residue left after extracting juice from sug-    l Nano technology deals with objects with dimen-
    ar beet and sugarcane is called bagassee.              sions in the range of 10–9 m.
Polity and Constitution                                  l Blue wavelength of light is most effective in pho-
  l The first mid-term election for Lok Sabha was          tosynthesis.
    held in 1977.                                        l A falling drop of rainwater acquires the spheri-
  l The convention that “once a speaker always a           cal shape due to Surface Tension.
    speaker” is followed in UK.                          l The weakest of all fundamental forces is Gravi-
  l Supreme Court is the guardian of Fundamen-             tational force.
    tal Rights enumerated in Indian Constitution.        l Velocity of sound in air does not change with
  l The Sarkaria Commission was appointed to re-           the change of Pressure of air.
    view the question of Centre/state relations.         l The density of a gas is maximum at Low tem-
  l The Judges of the High Court hold office till they     perature, high pressure.
    have attained 62 years of age.
  l The English Crown is an example of Nominal
    executive.                                           l The isotope of uranium used in atomic reactors
  l The annual report of the UPSC is submitted to          is U235.
    the President.                                       l In the process of magnetization of a bar the en-
  l The ‘Speaker’s vote’ in the Lok Sabha is called        tire bulk of the bar gets magnetised.
    Casting vote.                                        l Cadmium is not a radioactive element.
  l Part III of the Indian Constitution deals with       l Candle is a mixture of Paraffin wax and stear-
    ‘Fundamental Rights’.                                  ic acid.
  l To be a regional party, the minimum percentage       l Ethanol containing 5% water is known as rec-
    of votes that a party needs to secure in any elec-     tified spirit.
    tion is 4%.                                          l Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.
  l Eleven Fundamental Duties are in the Indian          l Roentgen had discovered X-rays.
                                                         l The important ore of aluminium is bauxite.
  l Indian Penal Code came into operation in 1862.
                                                         l Aqua regia is a 1 : 3 mixture, by volume, of conc.
Economy                                                    nitric acid and conc. hydrochloric acid.
  l Jawahar Rozgar Yojna was launched in 1989.         Biology
  l Reserve Bank of India was nationalised in 1949.      l Human cloning is permitted in Britain for the
  l Devaluation of currency leads to expansion of          purpose of Research.
    export trade, contraction of import trade and
                                                         l Hepatitis is a viral disease.
    expansion of import substitution.
                                                         l Dolly, the World’s First cloned animal was a
  l Open market operations of RBI refer to buying
    and selling of Government bonds.                       sheep.
  l Co nt rol t he pr od uct io n of fo od gr ains       l The large amount of sugar present in human
    is not the objective of Public Procurement and         blood is glucose.
    Distribution system followed by Indian Govern-       l Mumps is a viral disease in man.
    ment.                                                l The major constituent of gobar gas is Methane.
  l Indian Institute of Foreign Trade located New        l The expansion for AIDS is Acquired Immune
    Delhi.                                                 Deficiency Syndrome.
  l The National Institute for Agricultural Market-      l Bee keeping is known as Apiculture.
    ing is located at Jaipur.                            l Among the defects of eye, the short sightedness
  l Per capita income is obtained by dividing National     is called Myopia.
    Income by Total population of the country.
                                                         l The greenhouse effect is caused by the higher
  l World Bank helps countries with loans for the
                                                           level of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    purpose of reconstruction and development.
  l Token privatisation or deficit privatisation of    Miscellaneous
    public sector units occur when the government        l The maximum number of goals scored by India
    sells 5% of shares.                                    in the history of international hockey tourna-
  l The Narasimham Committee (1991) on finan-              ment were in 1932 Olympic in Los Angeles when
    cial reforms proposed for establishment of a four      it beat USA by 24–1.
    tier hierarchy of the Banking structure.
                                                         l Eden Garden (Kolkata) is associated with Crick-
  l The Planning Commission of India was consti-           et.
    tuted in the year 1950.