Physical Geography                                                immiscible with each other and petrol which
                                                                  forms the upper layer continues to burn.
   l  Among Mumbai, Chennai, Thiruvanthapuram
      and Srinagar, Srinagar will never get the verti-          l Helium gas is used in gas balloons instead of
      cal rays of the sun.                                        hydrogen gas because it is lighter than hydro-
   l  Water is a biotic and renewable resource.
                                                                l In a photocell light energy is converted into elec-
General Geography                                                 trical energy.
   l  The science of map making is called Cartogra-             l IC chips for computers are usually made of Sili-
      phy.                                                        con.
   l  Among P atna, Allahabad, Pachmar hi and           Chemistry
      Ahmedabad, Patna lies to the northern most
      latitude.                                                 l The gas used in the artificial ripening of fruit is
   l  Thermal power accounts for the largest share
      of power generation in India.                             l Ruby and sapphire are oxides of aluminium.
   l  Among Mathura, Rohtak, Panipat and Khurja,        Biology
      Mathura does not come within NCR.                         l According to WHO, the bird flu virus cannot be
   l  Godavari is also called Vridha Ganga.                       transmitted through cooked food beyond 70 de-
                      Success Tip                                 gree Celsius.
 The Godavari is the second longest river in India              l There are four chambers in human heart.
 after the river Ganges having its source at Tryam-             l A universal recipient belongs to the blood group
 bakeshwar, Maharashtra.                                          AB.
   l  Capital of Tanzania is Dar-es-salaam.                                        Success Tip
   l  The Andaman group and Nicobar group of is-         O Rh D negative blood are often called universal
      lands are separated from each other by Ten De-     donors.
      gree Channel.                                             l Vitamin K helps in blood clotting.
Polity and Constitution                                         l Heart attack is caused by hypotension.
   l  Age of a candidate to contest a parliamentary             l Cold blooded animals change their body tem-
      election should not be lesser than 25 years.                perature in accordance with the atmosphere.
   l  The 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 introduced           Miscellaneous
      the changes in the preamble to the Indian Con-
                                                                l Correct pairs
                      Success Tip                                 Bhim Sen Joshi                 Vocal Music
 The 42nd Amendment Act, 1976 was enacted during                  Utpal Joshi                    Films
 the Emergency (25 June 1975 – 21 March 1977) by
                                                                  Shambhu Maharaj                Kathak
 the Indian National Congress government headed
 by Indira Gandhi.                                              l The World’s largest biofuel plant with produc-
                                                                  tion capacity of 110 million litres of fuel annu-
   l  The interval between two sessions of either house
                                                                  ally has been set up in Brazil.
      of the Parliament should not exceed six months.
                                                                l Pondicherry University is a central university.
   l  A person of Indian origin working as a comput-
      er engineer in America is a non resident Indian.          l Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam is known as ‘the father
                                                                  of Indian missile technology’.
Economy                                                         l Twenty-20 rules correctly stated
   l  The capital of IMF is made up by contribution       ä       Each inning has a time limit of 75 minutes. For
      of the member nations.                                      every over bowled after that, the batting side gets
Physics                                                           extra 6 runs.
   l  Two thin shirts can keeps us warmer than a single     ä     If a batsman fails to reach the crease within 90
      thick shirt because air layer between two shirts            seconds after the fall of wicket, the bowling side
      behaves like a insulating media.                            gets 5 penalty runs.
   l  Ionosphere of the earth’s atmosphere reflects           ä   Fielding restrictions are applicable for the first
      the radio waves to the earth.                               six overs of the innings.
   l  Sound cannot pass through vacuum.                         l Gita Mehta is the author of the ‘A River Sutra’.
   l  Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire            l National Academy of Agricultural Research Man-
      caused by petrol because water and petrol are               agement is located in Hyderabad.