l The chemical name of Common salt is Sodium              l  Aryabhata was launched from Daman.
    chloride.                                               l  IBSAMAR 2016 is a trilateral naval exercise be-
  l Denatured spirit is ethanol mixed with Water.              tween Brazil, India and South Africa kicked off
  l The most abundant inert gas in the atmosphere              in Goa.
    is Argon.                                               l  Pahlaj Nihalani is the current Chairperson of
  l Magnesium is extracted from sea water.                     Central Board of Film Certification or ‘The Cen-
  l  Percentage of lead in lead pencils is 0.                  sor Board’ in India.
                                                            l  Indian Oil is ranked highest at 161st among In-
Biology                                                        dian companies in the Fortune 500 list of
  l Heparin is the anti-coagulant substance in              l  the world’s biggest corporations in terms of rev-
    blood.                                                     enue.
  l Peacock, Ostrich and Tortoise bears no teeth.           l  The 10th World Hindi Conference (WHC) is be-
  l Jaundice is a symptom of disease of Liver.                 ing organized from 10-12 September 2015 in the
  l The vaccination against small pox involves the             city of Bhopal by the Ministry of External Affairs.
    introduction of Weakened germs.
  l De fici enc y o f Vi tam in B6 i n m an caus es      SSC Combined Graduate Level Prelim
    Anaemia.                                                      Exam Held on: 27.07.2008
  l Lotus is the national flower of India.
  l First successful heart transplantation was done     Ancient History
    by C. N. Barnard.                                       l  The caves and rock-cut temples at Ellora are
  l Yellow Fever is transmitted by Anopheles.                  Hindu, Buddhist and Jain.
  l Washing of peeled vegetables removes the vita-          l  The seven Pagodas of Mahabalipuram are a wit-
    min C.                                                     ness to the art patronised by the Pallavas.
  l List-I (Discoverer)        List-II (Discoveries)        l  Buddha belongs to the Sakya clan.
    Jenner                     Vaccination              Medieval History
    Watson                     Double helix
                                                            l  The original name of Tansen, the most famous
    Landsteiner                Blood grouping                  musician at the court of Akbar was Ramatanu
    Fleming                    Penicillin                      Pande.
  l A man with colour blindness will see red as Yel-                           Success Tip
                                                         Tansen began his career and spent most of his adult
  l When a person walking in bright Sunlight en-
                                                         life in the court and patronage of the Hindu king of
    ters a dark room, he is not able to see clearly for
                                                         Gwalior, Ram Chand.
    a little while because the iris is unable to di-
    late the pupil immediately.                         Modern History
  l The metal, which is a constituent of vitamin B12        l  Acharya J.B. Kripalani was the President of In-
    is Cobalt.                                                 dian National Congress when the Mountbatten
Miscellaneous                                                  Plan of Independence was accepted.
  l A computer virus is A special kind of comput-                              Success Tip
    er programme.                                        Kripalani joined the All India Congress Committee,
  l Vikram Seth is the author of the book Two Lives.     and became its general secretary in 1928–29.
  l Raj Krishna coined the term Hindu rate of               l Mahatma Gandhi developed the Idea that
    growth for Indian economy.                                 “Means justify the ends”.
  l Arvind Kejriwal has been selected for the RA-           l Mahatma Gandhi said that ‘the real seat of taste
    MON MAGSAYSAY AWARD for 2006 for his im-                   is not the tongue, but the mind’.
    portant contribution in the field Right to In-          l Provincial autonomy was one of the important
    formation movement and empowering citi-                    features of the act of 1935.
    zens to fight corruption.
                                                                               Success Tip
  l The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
    consists of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbeki-       The Government of India Act, 1935 was originally
    stan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.                     passed in August 1935 and is said to be the longest
  l HCL Infosystems announced sometime back the          Act (British) of Parliament ever enacted by that time.
    launch of India’s first personal computer with          l  Lord Canning was the governor General of In-
    one terabyte hard drive capacity.                          dia during the revolt of 1857.
  l Eiffel Tower in Paris (France) has not been in-         l  During 1921-31 decade, population of India re-
    cluded in the list of new seven wonders.                   corded a negative growth rate.