l  The busiest and the most important sea route           l The majority of the provisions of the Indian Con-
      of the world is North Atlantic Sea Route.                stitution can be amended by the Parliament
   l  In terms of area, India is the seventh largest           alone.
      country of the world.                                 l. A proclamation of emergency under Article 352,
                       Success Tip                             on account of war or aggression requires approv-
                                                               al of the Parliament within one month.
 Russia> Canada> USA> China> Brazil> Australia>
                                                            l. The first Defence Minister of India was Baldev
   l   The countries separated by the Mac-Mohan Line
                                                             l  Provincial autonomy was introduced by the
      are China and India.
                                                               Government of India Act, 1935.
                       Success Tip                           l Article 370 of the Indian Constitution upholds
 The McMahon Line is a line agreed to by Britain               special status of Jammu & Kashmir State.
 and Tibet as part of the Simla Accord, a treaty signed      l The first woman to become a Chief Minister of
 in 1914. It is the effective boundary between China           any State in India was Suchita Kripalani.
 and India.                                                  l Dr. Neelam Sanjiva Reddy the President of In-
   l  Jadugoda is associated with the mining of Ura-           dia who elected unopposed.
      nium.                                                  l The authority which is not established by the
                       Success Tip                             constitutional provision is Planning Commis-
 The Jaduguda Mine is a uranium mine in Jaduguda               sion (Now NITI Aayog).
 village in the Purbi Singhbhum district of Jhark-                              Success Tip
 hand. It commenced operation in 1967.                     Planning Commission, reporting directly to the Prime
   l  Salim Ali was an eminent ornithologist.              Minister of India, was established on 15 March 1950
                       Success Tip                           l  In our Constitution, Economic Planning is in-
 Salim Ali is referred to as the “birdman of India”            cluded in Concurrent List.
   l ‘Survey of India’ is under the Ministry of Envi-     Economy
      ronment and Forests.                                   l Imputed gross rent of owner occupied buildings
Polity and Constitution                                        is a part of final consumption.
   l  ‘Directive Principles’ in our constitution are non-    l Free trade is refers to free movement of goods
      enforceable in the courts of law.                        from one country to another.
                       Success Tip                           l Economy of scale means reduction in unit cost
                                                               of production.
 The Directive Principles of State Policy are the guide-
                                                             l RBI does not transact the business of Jammu
 lines or principles given to the central and state gov-
                                                               & Kashmir State Government.
 ernments of India, to be kept in mind while framing
 laws and policies. These provisions contained in Part       l The famous book ‘The General Theory of Em-
 IV (Article 36-51) of the Constitution.                       ployment, Interest and Money’ is written by J.M.
   l  Dialectical Materialism is associated with the
                                                             l The definition of ‘small-scale industry’ in India
      theory of Communism.
                                                               is based on investment in machines and equip-
   l  A motion moved by a member in a legislature
      when it is desired to have a discussion on a
                                                             l When the total product rises at an increasing
      matter of urgent public importance is called
                                                               rate, the marginal product is rising.
      Adjournment motion.
                                                             l The term ‘Laissez-faire’ is associated with the
   l  No Government Expenditure can be incurred in
                                                               Capitalist form of economy.
      India except with sanction of the President.
                                                             l In the budget figure of the Government of India,
   l   Chhattisgarh state carved out of Madhya
                                                               interest payments, subsidies, pensions, social
      Pradesh after the parliament passed the legisla-
                                                               services and the like are the parts of the Non-
      tion in the year 2000.
                                                               plan expenditure.
   l  Lok Sabha or a Vidhan Sabha election candi-
                                                             l ‘Green Accounting’ means measuring the Nation-
      date forfeits his security deposit when he fails
                                                               al Income of the country taking into account
      to secure even 1/6 of the total votes polled.
                                                               estimation of pollution and environment dam-
   l   The term of office of the member of the UPSC is
      6 years or till they attain 65 years of age.
                                                             l The supply of agricultural products is generally
   l  Jai Prakesh Narayan was in the favour of Party
      less democracy.