l  The book ‘Truth, Love and A little Malice’ was                             Success Tip
      written by Khushwant Singh.                            The Forward Bloc of the Indian National Congress
   l  WLL stands for Wireless in Local Loop.                 was formed on 22 June 1939 by Netaji Subhas Chan-
   l  Kapil Dev received the Wisden Award for the            dra Bose.
      ‘Indian Cricketer of the 20th century’.                  l  Bal Gangadhar Tilak was given the epitaph of
   l  The Ad line ‘connecting people’ is linked with Nokia.       Lokmanya during Home Rule Movement.
   l  Personalities              Associated With                                 Success Tip
      Rod Laver                  Lawn Tennis                 The name of Tilak became a household name during
      Chanda Kochar              Banking                     Homerule Movement and this let him earn the epi-
      Birju Maharaj              Kathak Dancing              thet Lokmanya.
      Bala Muralikrishnan        Music                         l ‘Do or Die’ (Karenge ya Marenge )Gandhiji gave
                                                                  this Mantra to the nation on the eve of Quit
   l  ISRO is abbreviation for Indian Space Research
                                                                  India Movement.
   l  Pyeongchang, South korea would host the 2018                               Success Tip
      Olympic Games.                                         Quit India Movement was launched on 8 August,
                                                             1942 by M.K. Gandhi.
                SSC Tax Assistant                              l  Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the President of the
         (Income Tax Central Excise)                              Constituent Assembly of India.
          Exam Held on: 25.11.2007                             l  All India Scheduled Castes Federation was es-
                                                                  tablished by B.R. Ambedkar.
Ancient History                                                   Success Tip: Established in 1942.
   l  The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge.
                                                            Physical Geography
   l  Copper was the first metal used by the Vedic
      people.                                                  l  Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar sys-
Medieval History                                               l  The International Date Line is the 180 degree
   l  Ain-i-Akbari was written by Abul Fazl.                      longitude.
                      Success Tip                                                Success Tip
 Ain-i-Akbari or the “Constitution of Akbar”, is a           The International Date Line, established in 1884,
 16th-century, detailed document recording the ad-           passes through the mid-Pacific Ocean and roughly
 ministration of emperor Akbar’s empire.                     follows a 180 degrees longitude north-south line on
   l The Medieval city of Vijayanagar is known as            the Earth
      Hampi.                                                   l  The largest ocean is Pacific Ocean.
   l Taj Mahal is said to possess the unique feature           l  Earthquake is caused by disturbance of earth
      of being exactly equal in length and breadth.               surface.
Modern History                                                 l  We see the same face of the moon, because it
                                                                  takes equal time for revolution around the
   l  Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the
                                                                  earth and rotation on its own axis.
      ‘Brahmo Samaj’.
                      Success Tip
                                                            General Geography
 It was started at Calcutta on 20 August 1828 by               l  Tea, coffee and rubber are plantation crops.
 Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Debendr-anath Tagore                   l  Forest crops are related to Silviculture.
   l The correct chronological order in which the              l  The only ape of India found in hill forests of
      British established their trading centre in the             Assam and Nagaland is Orangutan.
      places- Surat, Madras, Calcutta, Bombay.                 l  Brahmaputra River is also known as Tsangpo
   l The Revolt of 1857 was started by the Sepoys.                in Tibet.
                      Success Tip                                                Success Tip
 The rebellion began as a mutiny of sepoys of the East       Origin from the Angsi glacier, located on the north-
 India Company’s army on 10 May 1857, in the can-            ern side of the Himalayas in Burang County of Ti-
 tonment of the town of Meerut                               bet as the Yarlung Tsangpo River.
   l  After leaving the Congress, Subash Chandra               l Jhum Cultivation is a method of cultivation
      Bosh formed, in 1939, his own party, named                  which used to be practiced in Central Highland.
      Forward Bloc.                                            l The largest producer of gold in the world is South