l For Muslims, seats were reserved in Morley-            duced to common basis by being measured in
        Minto reforms.                                         terms of money.”
                        Success Tip                         l  According to 2011 census report, 70% of the
 The Indian Councils Act 1909, commonly known as               population living in rural areas.
 the Morley-Minto Reforms (or as the Minto-Morley           l  Short term commercial borrowings are not in-
 Reforms), was an Act of the Parliament of the Unit-           cluded in the current account of India’s Balance
 ed Kingdom that brought about a limited increase              of Payments.
 in the involvement of Indians in the governance of         l  Engel’s Law states the relationship between
 British India.                                                quantity demanded and income of the con-
Physical Geography
      l Neither the Lava nor the Magma has gas.
      l Loess is the example of sedimentary rocks.          l  An astronaut in outer space will observe sky as
      l Mica is found in Schist and Gneiss.
                                                            l  Cylindrical lens should be used to correct the
      l The Mohorovicic (Moho) Discontinuity separates
                                                               defect of astigmatism.
        Crust and Magma.
                                                            l  The first thermionic valve was invented by J.A.
Polity and Constitution                                        Fleming.
      l The writs for the enforcement of Fundamental                          Success Tip
        Rights are issued by The Supreme Court.
                                                              Invented in 1904 by John Ambrose Fleming.
      l A Federal Supreme Court to interpret the
                                                            l  Superconductors are those elements whose re-
        Constitution is a basic feature to both the In-
                                                               sistance falls almost zero at very low tem-
        dian Federation and the American Federation.
      l Dissolution of House is not a tool of Legislative
        control over administration in India.             Chemistry
      l Correct statements -                                l  A substance which readily forms colloidal solu-
  ä     The legal interpretation of equality is chiefly        tion in contact with water is called Hydrophilic
        influenced by equality before law and equal pro-       colloid.
        tection of law                                      l  Electron was discovered by Joseph Thomson
    ä   Equality before law means rule of law                Success Tip: electron was discovered in 1897
      l A writ issued by the Supreme Court compelling       l  When formaldehyde and potassium hydroxide
        a quasi-judicial/public authority to perform its       are heated we get ethyl formate.
        mandatory duty is Mandamus.
                                                            l The enzyme in whose presence glucose and fruc-
      l In Gandhian Socialism state is not required.           tose are converted into alcohol is zymase.
      l The Indian states recognised on the linguistic      l Using saw-dust, oxalic acid is manufactured.
        basis in the year 1956.
                        Success Tip
 Andhra Pradesh - which in 1956 became the first            l  The science dealing with the study of teeth is
 state to be founded on the basis of a dominant lan-           Odontology.
 guage, Telugu.                                             l  The study of visceral organs is Angiology.
      l Political leaders of India with their respective    l  The branch of Biology dealing with the study of
        political parties:                                     cells is known as Cytology.
        Sharad Pawar              NCP                       l  The study of extinct animals is called Palaeon-
        Sharad Yadav              JD (U)
                                                            l  The medical term used for sleeplessness is in-
        Mayawati                  BSP
        A.B. Bardhan              CPI
                                                            l  The causative agent of Tuberculosis is Mycob-
Economy                                                        acterium.
      l The 12th plan aims to reduce the poverty ratio      l  The enzyme that is present in the saliva of man
        by 2017 to 10%.                                        is Amylase.
      l ECS in banking transactions stand for Electron-     l  Blood cancer is otherwise called Leukaemia.
        ic Clearing Service.                              Miscellaneous
      l Cartel is a form of Monopoly.
                                                            l  Hobbes is associated with the book “Lecture
      l Kuznets said that “The national income con-
                                                               on Jurisprudence”.
        sists of a collection of goods and services re-