l  J.K. Rowling is the author of the Harry Porter                             Success Tip
      book series.                                         In 1859, Syed, established Gulshan School
   l  The present General Secretary of the UN is An-       at Muradabad, Victoria School at Ghazipur in 1863,
      tonio Guterres.                                      and a scientific society for Muslims in 1864. In
   l  Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has not       1875,founded the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental
      yet been signed by India.
                                                           College, the first Muslim university in South Asia.
   l  Rome is also known as eternal city.
   l  SAARC member states include Afghanistan,               l  Lord Ripon is generally regarded as the pioneer
      B an gl ad es h , Bh ut an , I nd ia, Nep al , th e       of Local Self Government in Modern India.
      Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.                                          Success Tip
   l  The largest island in the world is Greenland. It     Lord Ripon remained India’s Viceroy from 1880-84.
      is an integral part of Denmark.                      This liberal politician is known for many reforms in
   l  Charles Ginsberg invented the video tape.            the internal administration of India.
   l  List 1 (Musician)          List 2 (Excellence in)      l  Puducherry, Mahe and Chandranagar was
      Asad Ali Khan              Vina                           French Settlement in India.
      Mallikarjun                Classical Music             l  The famous Kohinoor diamond was produced
      Vismillah Khan             Shahnai                        from Golconda.
      T.N. Krishna               Violin                      l  Buddha means the Enlightened one.
   l  Chandigarh’s Rock Garden is the creation of Nek        l  Gandhiji considered khadi as a symbol of moral
      Chand.                                                    purity.
   l  The term ‘Beamer ‘is associated with Cricket.          l  ‘India Wins Freedom’ is the autobiography of
   l  Bull-Fighting is the National Game of Spain.              Abul kalam Aazad.
   l  Next Olympic Games will be held in Pyeongchang         l  The Round Table Conference at London met for
      South Korea in 2018.                                      the discussion of a future administration of
   l   Shaukat Aziz was Prime minister of Pakistan.             India.
   l  Narain Karthikeyan is the sports man in the field   Physical Geography
      of Formula One Car Racing.
                                                             l  Ocean Currents does not have an influence over
                                                                the climate of India.
        SSC Section Officer (Audit)                          l  The local time of any place vary from Greenwich
         Exam Held on: 10.12.2006                               Time. Four minutes for each degree of longi-
Ancient History                                              l  The Indian sub continent was the part of Gond-
   l  Lothal is a site where dockyard of Indus Valley           wana land.
      civilization is found.                                 l   The tropical grass land is called Savanah.
                                                             l  The atmosphere is heated mainly by insola-
Medieval History                                                tion.
   l  Talwandi was the birth place of Guru Nanak.            l  Contour ploughing, dry farming and shifting
                       Success Tip                              agriculture method helps in conserving soil fer-
                                                                tility and moisture.
 Guru Nanak (15 April 1469 – 22 September 1539)
                                                             l  In a slanting hilly Indian terrain experiencing
 was the founder of Sikhism and the first of the
                                                                more than 200 cm of annual rainfall, in that
 ten Sikh Gurus.
                                                                case tea can be cultivated best.
   l  The world famous ‘Peacock Throne’ was kept in          l   The narrow stretch of water connecting two seas
      the Diwan-i-Aam of the Red Fort at Delhi.                 is called Strait.
   l  “ Gita Govinda “ the famous poem was written           l  The topography of plateau is ideal for genera-
      by Jayadev                                                tion of hydro power.
                                                                Agro-based and Mineral based is the classifica-
Modern History                                               l
                                                                tion of industries on the basis of raw materials.
   l  The book ‘unto the last’ which influenced Gan-         l  In India rain forests is found in N.E. Himalaya
      dhi was authored by John Ruskin.                          and Western Ghats.
   l  Motilal Nehru and Chittranjan Das were the             l  Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System.
      founder member of the Swarajya Party.
                                                          General Geography
   l  The immortal national song Bande Mataram has
      been written by Bankim Chandra Chattop-                l  In India population density is defined as the
      adhyaya.                                                  number of persons per square kilometre.
   l  The Mohemmadan Anglo-Oriental College at               l  Canada is the largest producer of uranium in
      Aligarh was founded by Sir Syed Ahmed khan.               the world.