Modern History                                                 constitutional authority as the British Mon-
   l  Permanent Settlement, the system of revenue
      collection was introduced by Lord Cornwallis.         l  Legislature is the custodian of the National
   l  Mrs. Annie Besant was the first women presi-             Purse.
      dent of Congress.                                     l  Election Commission, Finance Commission
   l  The disputed coastal strip off the Gujarat coast         and Union Public Service Commission are the
      on which India and Pakistan are holding talks            constitutional bodies.
      is known as Sir Creek.                                l  A member of the Union Public Service Commis-
   l  The Simon commission which came to India in              sion can be removed by the President.
      February 1928 was boycotted because all its           l  Ministers who are the members of the Rajya
      members were English men.                                Sabha can speak both in Rajya Sabha and Lok
   l  Lord Mountbatten was the chairman of the Par-            Sabha.
      tition Council.                                       l  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Deputy
                                                               Prime Minister of India.
Physical Geography
                                                            l  The Right to Vote in elections to a parliament is
   l  Dolomite is a sedimentary rock.                          a constitutional right.
   l  El Nino is a warm ocean current.
   l  Through ‘photosynthesis’ green plants generate
      organic material.                                     l  In the law of demand, the statement “other
   l  The instrument for measuring intensity of earth-         things remain constant” means income of con-
      quakes is called seismograph.                            sumer should not change, price of other goods
                                                               should not change, taste of consumer should
   l  Brightest planet in our solar system is Venus.           not change.
   l   Venus is the hottest planet of the solar system.     l  A firm is in equilibrium when its marginal cost
   l  The Milky Way Galaxy was first discovered by             equals the marginal revenue.
      Galileo.                                              l  The World Trade Organisation(WTO) was known
                                                               as GATT
General Geography
                                                            l  Given the money wages, if the price level in an
   l  Late expanding stage in the population cycle             economy increases, then the real wages will be-
      in which India is classified on the basis of its         come flexible.
      demographic characteristic.                           l  The difference between visible exports and visi-
   l  Jadugoda mines are famous for uranium depos-             ble imports is defined as Balance of trade.
      its.                                                  l  Value Added Tax is a simple, transparent, and
   l  Madhya Pradesh has the largest coverage of for-          easy to pay tax imposed on consumers.
      est in India.                                         l  The outcome of devaluation of currency is in-
   l  Aliyar, Periyar and Kundah hydroelectric                 creased exports and improvement in balance
      projects belong to Tamil Nadu.                           of payment.
   l  Turkey is dependent on others for raw the ma-         l  The term ‘Green GNP’ emphasises increase in
      terial for its Iron-Steel industry.                      per capita income.
   l  The largest irrigated area in India is occupied by    l  An agency for safe keeping of securities is
      rice.                                                    referred to as ‘Depository Services’.
   l  Cotton, textile and petrochemical industries       Physics
      are the major beneficiaries of the Mumbai port.
                                                            l  A multi meter is used to measure current, volt-
   l  In India, ‘yellow revolution’ is associated with         age and resistance.
      production of oilseeds.                               l  Diamonds are glittering and attractive because
   l  Gram is considered as a cash crop in India.              light incident on them undergoes multiple in-
   l  West Bengal shares boundaries with three coun-           ternal reflections.
      tries.                                                l  Prism is used to split the white light into differ-
                                                               ent colours.
                       Success Tip
                                                            l  Submersed objects can be located using SONAR.
 The state has international boundaries with Bang-
 ladesh in the east, Bhutan and Nepal in the north.                            Success Tip
                                                          Sound Navigation and Ranging (SONAR) is a tech-
Polity and Constitution                                   nique that uses sound propagation to navigate, com-
   l  The Bureaucracy performs administrative as          municate with or detect objects on or under the sur-
      well as quasi-judicial and quasi-legislative        face of the water, such as other vessels.
      functions.                                            l  Spectrometer is used to study dispersion of
   l  The president of the union of India has the same         light.