Success Tip                                              Success Tip
 National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) headed by a         The Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science is
 Director General is responsible for conduct of large     an award given by UNESCO for exceptional skill in
 scale sample surveys in diverse fields.                  presenting scientific ideas to lay people. It was cre-
                                                          ated in 1952, following a donation from Biju Pat-
Physics                                                   naik, Founder President of the Kalinga Foundation
   l  Steam produces more severe burns.                   Trust in India.
   l  Short sight in human eyes can be corrected by         l The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ was first
      proper use of concave lens.                             advocated by Darwin.
   l  Atmospheric refraction is the reason for twin-        l The Nobel Prize 2016 for literature has been
      kling the stars.                                        awarded to Bob Dylan.
   l  Impure camphor is purified by sublimation.            l The official mascot of the Melbourne Common-
Chemistry                                                     wealth games which was held in 2006 was south
                                                              eastern red tailed Black Cockatoo named Kar-
   l  The surface temperature of Sun is estimated as
      6000 degree centigrade.
                                                            l The first Guinness book of world records appears
   l  Respiration is oxidation
                                                              in the year 1954.
   l  Hydrogen Spectrum was first explained by Niels
                                                            l The Atomic energy commission was constituted
                                                              in 1948.
   l  Magnetism in materials is due to circular mo-
                                                            l Power generation, construction of roads and
      tion of electrons.
                                                              expansion of air ports are in the infrastructure
   l  Aluminium can be purified by electrolysis.              sector.
   l  Type metal used in printing press is an alloy of      l Vintage cars are those cars which were built be-
      lead and antimony.                                      tween 1918 and 1930.
   l  Sour taste of coca cola is due to presence of ace-    l Indonesia has the largest Muslim population.
      tic acid.
                                                            l Helgoland is an island of the Germany
Biology                                                     l ‘Three George dam‘ called world’s largest con-
   l  The seeds of certain plants fail to germinate if        crete structure lie in China.
      they do not pass through the digestive tract of       l The name of the first cloned sheep was Dolly.
      fruit-eating birds, this is due to seed coat im-      l Lala Amarnath was the first centurion in Indi-
      permeability                                            an cricket.
   l  Sucrose content in sugarcane decreases if frost       l Narindra kapany had invented the optical fiber.
      occurs during the period of ripening.
   l  The deficiency of vitamin D in children causes                   SSC Tax Assistant
      rickets.                                                (Income Tax & Central Excise)
   l  In man, the normal number of chromosome is                 Exam Held on: 12.11.2006
   l  Scurvy is a disease caused due to the deficiency   Ancient History
      of vitamin C.
                                                            l ‘Bull’ in Buddhism is associated with birth of
   l  During photosynthesis green plants absorb car-          Buddha’s life.
      bon dioxide.                                          l The most accurate description of the Mauryan
   l  Green House Effect is caused by carbon dioxide.         monarchy under Ashoka would be Oriental des-
   l  Tamilflu is frontline drug against Bird flu.            potism.
   l  Excessive heating and repeated use of cooking         l Herodotus is considered as the father of History.
      oil are most undesirable because carcinogenic         l Rousseau has given the statement “, Man is born
      substance like benzpyrene are produced.                 free but he is always in chain
Miscellaneous                                            Medieval History
                                                            l Ramdas was the guru of Shivaji.
   l  In Germany the Financial Legislation is intro-
      duced in the Upper House of the Legislature.          l Ibn Batuta, the famous traveller came from
   l  The Secretary General of the UNO is appointed
                                                            l Amir khusrau was a musician, a Sufi Saint,
      by the General Assembly on the recommen-
                                                              Persian and Hindi writer, a scholar and a his-
      dation of the Secretary council.
   l  Kalinga Prize award is instituted by the              l Lahore was Ranjeet Singh’s political capital and
      UNESCO.                                                 Amritsar was called his religious capital.