l  The Security Council of UN consists of 5 per-                            Success Tip
      manent and 10 non permanent members.
                                                          Echo sounding is a type of SONAR used to deter-
   l  Media is described as the Fourth Estate.            mine the depth of water by transmitting sound pulses
   l  The term ‘boat people’ refers to the migrants from  into water. The time interval between emission and
      Sri Lanka to India.                                 return of a pulse is recorded, which is used to deter-
                                                          mine the depth of water along with the speed of sound
 SSC Statistical Investigators Grade-IV                   in water at the time.
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                                                         General Geography
Modern History                                              l  The highest mountain peak of the Himalayas is
   l  “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”- Lal Bahadur Shastri               situated in Nepal
   l  Suitable Matchs                                       l  Metamorphic rocks originate from both igneous
                                                               and sedimentary rocks
      A. Brahmo Samaj             Bengal
                                                            l  Blizzards are characteristic lea lures of Antarc-
      B. Veda Samaj               Madras
                                                               tic region
      C. Arya Samaj               North India
                                                            l  Over the North Pole is the shortest route from
      D. Prarthana Samaj          Bombay                       Moscow to San Francisco
   l  The last effort of the old political order to         l  Nepal Himalayas, part of the Himalayas has the
      regain power this statements best explains the           maximum stretch from east to west
      nature of revolt of 1857
                                                            l  The standard time of a country differs from the
   l  Land Revenue under Tipu was mainly collected             GMT in multiples of Half hour
      by Government officials appointed by Tipu
                                                            l  Monoculture is a typical characteristic of com-
   l  In the year 1892 Bankim Chandra Chatopadh-               mercial grain farming
      yay write Anandmath
                                                            l  Sutlej is the part of major river system Indus
                     Success Tip                            l  Rajasthan reveives very little rain because the
 The famous patriotic poem Vande Mataram has tak-              winds do not come across any barriers to
 en from Anandamath.                                           cause the necessary uplift to cool the wind
   l  The Governor-General of India who initiated the       l  Gujarat has the largest proportion of its net ir-
      introduction of English in India was Lord                rigation area under well irrigation.
                                                         Polity and Constitution
   l  Bhulabhai Desai was the advocate at the famous
      INA Trials                                            l  The Balwant Rai Mehta Committee was associ-
                                                               ated with Panchayati Raj
                     Success Tip
                                                            l  B.R. Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Draft-
 When three captured Indian National Army (INA)                ing Committee of the Constitution
 officers, Shahnawaz Khan, Prem Kumar Sahgal and            l  India is a republic because the head of the state
 Gurbaksh Singh Dhillon were put on trial for trea-            is elected for a definite period
 son, the Congress formed a Defence committee com-
 posed of 17 advocates including Bhulabhai Desai.        Economy
   l  Goa was captured by the Por tuguese in the year       l  According to AT Kearney Inc , U.S.A and China
      1510                                                     is the hottest destination for foreign direct in-
                     Success Tip                               vestment
 On 19 December 1961, the Indian Army began mili-           l  Goa has highest NSDP per capita among 33 In-
 tary operations with Operation Vijay resulting in the         dian states and union territories. NSDP per cap-
 annexation of Goa                                             ita of Goa is estimated at 224,138 Indian ru-
                                                               pees in 2013-14
Physical Geography                                          l  RBINET is the name of the electronic commu-
   l  Mountain soil contains a lot of coase material           nication network of the Reserve Bank of India
   l  The term ‘epicenter’ is associated with earthquake    l  A country’s balance of trade is unfavourable
   l  A. typhoons - China Sea                                  when imports exceed exports
      B. hurricanes -Atlantic Ocean                         l  The data collection for national income estima-
      C. cyclone -India Ocean                                  tion is con ducted in India by The NSSO (Na-
      D. tornadoes - North America                             tional Sample Survey Organisation)
   l  Echo sounding is the technique applied to mea-        l  In India the largest public undertaking is
      sure the depth of the sea                                IOC(Indian Oil Corporation)