Physics                                                 l  Symptoms                             Cause
  l Bleeding occurs through nose in high mountain-         Weak Sight              Deficiency of Vitamin A
    ous region because the pressure of blood in cap-       Anaemia                 Deficiency of Iron
    illaries is greater than the outside pressure.         Skin problem            Deficiency of Vitamin C
  l To an astronaut in a spacecraft, the sky appears       Breaking of bones       Deficiency of Calcium
    to be dark.                                         l  In the process of dialysis, used on patient with
  l Danger signals are generally red as red light be-      affected kidneys the phenomenon involved is
    cause it undergoes least deviation.                    osmosis.
                                                        l  Literal meaning of the term ‘Homo Sapiens’ is
  l A simple microscope consists of a short focus
                                                           Man-The Wise
    convex lens.
                                                        l  80-90 mg/dl is normal blood sugar level of a
  l An oil drop spreads over water because surface
                                                           human being.
    tension of oil is much smaller than that of
                                                        l  Bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth is caused
                                                           due to deficiency of Vitamin C.
  l The device which converts AC to DC is Rectifi-
                                                        l  During photosynthesis in plants the gas evolved
                                                           is Oxygen.
  l When the main switch of the house is put off it     l  Curd is sour due to presence of Lactic acid.
    disconnects the live wire only.
  l Boyle’s law is a relationship between pressure     Miscellaneous
    and volume.                                         l  Founder of the homeopathy is Samuel Hahn-
  l Thorium is radioactive                                 emenn.
                                                        l  International Cricket Council has shifted its
Chemistry                                                  headquarter lords, United Kingdom to Dubai on
  l Glass is a super cooled liquid.                        August 1, 2005.
  l Oxalic acid solution is used to remove rust stains  l  ‘Putting’ is used in Golf.
    on cloth.                                           l   The term 7/7 is related with underground rail
                                                           and bus in London attack in the history of ter-
  l Chloroprene is Tear gas
                                                           rorist attacks.
    Success Tip: Formula: C4H5Cl                        l  Penalty Kick, Free Kick, Off Side are associ-
  l Hydrogen peroxide is used to restore the co-           ated with Football.
    lour of old oil paintings.                          l  INS ‘Virat’ serves the Indian Navy, it is a Air-
  l Sodium chloride is commonly used as an anti-           craft Carrier.
    septic in mouth wash and toothpastes                l  On 14 August the independence day of Paki-
  l Milk is a natural emulsion.                            stan is celebrated.
                                                        l  The Number system Zero was invented by an
  l A polymeric substance used to make parachute
                                                           unknown person.
    is Viscose.
                                                        l  Plimsoll line is a reference line in a submarine.
  l Drinking Soda is acidic.
                                                        l  The International Court of Justice sits in Hague.
  l The cathode of a lead storage battery is made up    l  Biologist of Indian origin who received Nobel
    of lead.                                               Prize was Hargovind Khurana.
Biology                                                 l  Germany, Italy and Japan were the Axis pow-
                                                           ers in World War -2.
  l Algae and blue-green algae are fertilizers.
                                                        l  Knot is a measure of the speed of ship.
  l Streptomycin is effective against tuberculosis.
                                                        l  Independence movement of Vietnam was head-
  l Carrot is orange in colour because it contains         ed by Ho Chi Minh.
    carotene.                                           l  Sports person which had been designated by In-
  l Platelet of the blood is responsible for clotting.     dia’s Union Ministry of Health as goodwill Am-
  l Camel is a desert animal that can live without         bassador for ‘Save the Girl Child’ campaign was
    water for many days because it has the water           Sania Mirza.
    sac in the walls of the lumen of stomach.           l  International Development Agency is known
                                                           as ‘Soft Loan Window’ of the World Bank.
  l Full form of the infectious disease SARS is Se-
    vere Asthmatic Respiratory Syndrome.                l  ECOMARC is a symbol related to goods safe
                                                           for environment.
  l Insects responsible for transmitting diseases are
                                                        l  Reasons of continuous decline in average land
    called Vector.
                                                           holdings in India is law of inheritance and de-
  l Development of an egg without fertilization is         sire of land ownership.
    called Parthenogenesis.